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    holiday cheer contest

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    Week 2 of flower

    That’s a great idea, Sub. I am getting one of those asap.
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    Trim those giant fan leaves this early in the game?

    I agree with Boo and Carty. They sure are pretty and healthy looking.
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    Question for Carty

    Thanks Carty.
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    Gmo Grows Chimera #3

    Looks good. I like big fans.
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    Flower’s Grow.

    It’s actually pretty nice smoke. I ran one a few months ago.
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    Flower’s Grow.
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    Flower’s Grow.

    All my plants in flower are still doing great on the cult nation dry ferts. The last of my most recent batch of clones are ready to come out of the swamp cloner. Gonna be running a whole lotta gelato in the near future. LSD in front, Banana Mango in back. Future mothers for a run of each...
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    Question for Carty

    She keeps getting prettier, but still no sign of flowers.
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    Entry Thread - December 2022 Bud Picture of the Month

    Sour Diesel. 37 days in 12/12. I will update pics from time to time until the end of the month.
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    Free seed giveaway

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    harvest or wait?

    Is there an echo in here?
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    Leaf septoria? Improper watering?

    I am really good at making a plant look exactly like that when I overwater. My go to move is to stop watering it until it wilts, then throw the boomerang at it. I do 2 teaspoons per gallon. The most important thing to do right now though, is only water when the plant looks thirsty. Wilt...
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    IN NEED OF HELP, We have Rats from neighbor's old barn

    I was actually searching YouTube for something else, but this popped up because I had searched for the Jerry Clower video. Never heard of this, but it would be worth a try.