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    Can people please give some opinions?

    I attached an image for consult and also a screenshot of my grow journal. So, this mother came from seed and is allegedly a hermied seed from a direct clone of the original GG4. But it came from an extremely unreliable source so I threw them in a drawer and forgot about them. My first...
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    Black Widow fan leaves

    I would love to grow some BB. Let me know if you ever want to trade a clone for a hermied gg#4 clone seed. I have a ton of them left.🥴
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    Stupid Question-- About Air

    There are people who would disagree with you on that. I've heard of people going as high as 5000, but I've never been a plant, so it is tough to say what one actually absorbs (meaning, I would rather go high, as long as it isn't hurting them). But I actually agree with caught me...
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    Stupid Question-- About Air

    There are plenty of black carbon filters on the market (try a fish store: filter media, I think it is called) that could be rigged around that area to block out light and still allow air to pass (I think I'm picturing this correctly, but not sure). In general though, you most definitely need...
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    Totally lost on the curled leafs.

    Is a portion of this thread missing? Either way, the plants look light deprived to me. See how the stems look like they are giving up and trying to point down? To me, based on limited info and this pic--it looks like the plant is trying to grow roots. Could be totally wrong, here.
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    Black Widow fan leaves

    I'm just curious...are you using Co2? This type of turning will happen if the plants are given too much, too young. If you aren't using Co2, then my guess would be ventilation and humidity need to be tweaked.
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    White Widow Clones

    That is pretty cool. what did you use to get them to root? For some reason, I have never got a clipping to root properly.
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    Organic grow, problems

    If this is the case, 100% what Bubba said.
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    Organic grow, problems

    I would add that once you take Bubba's suggestion and the symptoms subside, cut all of the affected leaves off of the plant, and then give it a few weeks with proper environmental conditions. In particular, watch the humidity...keep it between 55-70. If your room temp is proportionally much...
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    Made a super crop mistake please help

    I would need more information to answer this properly, but the vertical re-growth is actually a good sign of a healthy, strong plant. It definitely is not a mistake. When you say "tie down," do you mean SCROG? Some questions: 1) How far along are you in Veg with the "mistake?" 2) What is...