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    flash drying

    I've heard you can flash dry buds for a test smoke... what should I do? can I use a dehydrator thats for fruit and stuff?
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    Hey, can anyone give me some advice?

    asthma attacks occur when inflamation or muscular spasms cause the bronchial passage of the lungs to contract, making breathing difficult. other symptoms are coughing, wheezing, increased pulse rate and in some cases the patiencce will go blue in the face. Mostly the patience is panic stricken...
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    anyone know?

    a strain that will make you laugh your butt off. I want to grow somthing new. my friend and i just smoked this stuff that had us laughing for almost 3 hours nonstop... im pretty sure it was Northern lights x shiva... but im not sure. anyone smoked this/
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    13 hours

    ok. thxs alot
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    13 hours

    I have 6 plants a month into flowering. I got home from work to day and the lights were still on. It must be a broken timer, It went almost 13 hours. will this have ruined my flowering plants?
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    New Wave or Tek T5

    ive got a couple of tek 5 fictures. they work great. I bought the 2ft long ones that can be put together side by side.
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    growroom question

    you've got 5.8 sq ft. you could fit 6 plants in there, and theyll each get almost a square ft. but it might get a little cramped. what strain are you gonna grow? what kind of light?
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    need help finding supplies

    this site has the best prices for lights this site has a tone of great stuff also...
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    I have been reading all day.. great website... best prices
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    Im BACK!!! with a lil garden

    MAN... those vegy's look awsome. and im a vegiterian...... so i know my vegetables.:D
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    steam and seed tea

    if you want to make it taste good. there's this stuff called stevia. you can get it at any local health food store. it comes in little droppers. it comes from a plant and its supposed to be like, 20xs sweeter than sugar. you can get it in different flavours. it tastes really good
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    The Secret Life of Plants

    has anybody read this book? If you havnt... you should. its a great read
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    DIY Activated Carbon Filter

    man that thing looks great. this weekend im gonna go out and buy the stuff for it. thanks alot!!!!
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    eco lux floros vs cool white

    I think cfls are better. I use 42w bulbs and they put out 2700 lumens. soft/ warm white are rich in yellow and red.(2500-3000K) flowering cool daylight is rich in blue. (6500K) veg
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    Remember the Phototron?

    if its for youe girlfriend make sure she doesnt tell anybody... and worse if your guys brek up, make sure your get rid of the "evidence" right away. you dont wanna end up in prison cause of a pissed off chick. **** hath no fury like a woman's wrath just be on the safe side. good luck...