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    HELP!! Is it just too late??

    When a strain guide says "xxx" days to finish that means how much time the flowering process takes. It doesn't include veg. Use veg nutrients during veg.
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    Late in the Season.

    drifting, it's summertime; I seriously doubt if he needs to "hold the heat in". Don't collect water out of gutters or puddles jeez. If they're in quality potting soil it contains hydrated lime which acts as a pH buffer. Steams are good if they're nothing between you and the source. Streams...
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    Lighting. I'm new

    8 seeds in 3" of soil in a coffee cup? You say you read a grow guide? Better re-read it, or get a better one. You can grow entirely outside but it's too late this year, unless you live in the southern hemisphere.
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    I know it's late and I took all year

    Ever consider reading a grow book?
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    ??? for after Harvest

    Check the other forum for curing info. -Don't freeze pot. It ruins it. -Using a "food saver" that sucks all the air out of a bag will crush your buds (ever see what one of those does to an empty alum. can?). -I store my weed in the same air-tight containers I cure them in. But you can use any...
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    What about watering

    Marijuana is not a "weed". The definition of a weed is a plant for which man has not yet found a use for.
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    What about watering

    Let the plants be your guide. When they droop they need water. Unfortunately, overwatering causes the plants to droop also. Experience will indicate which is which. The soil pot is planted in needs to dry out bewteen waterings for optimal growth. It allows O2 to reach the roots, also...
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    bag drying question

    Use 1 big bag. Just remember to turn the buds daily. I hang-dried for 25 years, then 15 years ago a friend turned me on to bag drying. I gave it a try, tweaked it a bit (my friend didn't manicure his buds) and have been doing it ever since. It's superior to hang drying because the bud dries...
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    bag drying question

    You're going to too much trouble. Manicure the fresh-harvested buds, put in a supermarket-type paper bag (I like the ones with those lightweight paper handles) 1/3 full, and crimp the top. Everyday open up the bag and gently comb the buds with your fingers. Repeat until dry. If at anytime you...
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    Cut off the lower few branches (they don't produce much anyway) and make clones from those.
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    Newbie question about indoor growing

    A good way to judge how much light you need is this simple rule of thumb: 50 watts HPS per sq/ft. A 400-watt bulb effectively illuminates 8 sq/ft. I like to start off with 1 plant per sq/ft. (unsexed). Once the plants are sexed and the males removed the girls have more room to flower. You...
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    What about vaporizers

    THC is released from the bud at a temp less than ignition. Weed is heated up to that point and not beyond. If there are any psycho-active properties left is post-vaporized weed it ain't much. You also get a different high from vaporizing. There is no smoke from a vaporizer. It's like a fine...
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    how am i doing?

    It looks like it doesn't get nearly enough DIRECT sunlight per day. It also needs to be in a larger container, at least 4 gal.
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    Rabbit(or something short) Ate 5 Plants:

    How/when you start nutrients depends on what kind of potting soil you used. Then you have to deciede if you want to use chem's or go organic. Chem's are easier to obtain; organics usually mean better tasting weed and less harm to the environment. So post back with what potting soil you used and...
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    How do I get the resin out of my bowl?

    It's not resin. It's tar, a by-product of the combustion process. Some people scape it out using a paperclip etc., some soak the bowl overnight in iso alcohol, evaporate the alcohol and smoke what's left over (shudder). But there is very little left in that tar to get you high. It will get you...