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    First Time Poster. Have a Question

    Wow. Bulk seeds - imagine that!
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    Malaysia: Urine Tests In Schools Soon

    URINE TESTS IN SCHOOLS SOON PUTRAJAYA, Wed. - Urine tests will be carried out regularly in all schools in another attempt to weed out drug addiction. And parents have been urged not to be upset if their children are among those picked at random for the drug checks. Deputy Internal...
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    USA: Drug Testing Slows Methamphetamine Use

    NEW YORK - Employers are catching more workers using methamphetamine, but the drug's spread into the workplace appears to have slowed considerably, a new study finds. Employers who screen job applicants and workers for drugs saw the number testing positive for amphetamines increase by 6...
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    Indonesia: Schapelle Corby trial wraps up

    Schapelle Corby trial wraps up Ms Corby's case has been closely followed in Australia Lawyers for Australian woman Schapelle Corby, accused of smuggling drugs into Indonesia, have made their final submission. The judges said they would hand down their verdict - which prosecutors want...
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    Goldie`s Ghetto Grow - AK47 & LR

    No pics - but they sure are starting to be...aromatic. :)
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    Goldie`s Ghetto Grow - AK47 & LR

    ;) ;) ;)
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    Goldie`s Ghetto Grow - AK47 & LR

    Thanks, BW! DS - its AK47/LR cross.
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    what's going on?

    All good for the garden, though! ;)
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    Goldie`s Ghetto Grow - AK47 & LR

    Late Update: 10" tall and growing like mad - bushy little boogers! And all 4 are female! :)
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    what's going on?

    Hello::: peeking out from under the bed::: thunderstorms here. :(
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    Growing From Seed

    Hmmm...Mikey, just keep on growing them as best as you can. Whether they do well or not, this IS your first grow. :) Post some more pics, please. Thanks. ;)
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    Flowering Nirvana K2.

    LOL - GOOD weed! :)
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    Greetings and Hallucinations

    Welcome, mahakala. Kick yer shoes off & stay awhile. :)
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    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    What a little beauty! And the pics are great - thanks! :)
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    400watt light

    Start it at 2 feet away. If the seedlings tolerate it, lower the light a few inches each day. When you get the light too close, it will burn the plants.