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    Got Seeds

    Just a FYI, I ordered seeds from Seed Boutique on 2-19 and recieved them today ! YIPPEEEE
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    Hello :) I have a few ?

    :) :ignore: Hello everyone, Is there any:holysheep:one around in here that grows in the Great Pacific Northwest (USA)? I started my plants indoors and then transplanted them out doors the first part of june. They are all girls, but when will the buds start? Three of them have the 3 leaf thing...
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    Old Hippie's Outdoor Monsters 08

    Good Morning WOW ! My four out door plants are nothing compared to yours. I blame it on our weather, my vegetable garden is sluggish too.
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    ua 12 hours after 2nd hand smoke

    Soooo... did ya pass?
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    Why not buy a home testing kit . It won't show your levels, just a false or positive reading.
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    Tilling a plot

    Thanks for the tip. I have just the spot in my garden .....I can't wait. I have plans to mix a few plants with my raspberrys and tomatoes plants. Has anybody out there ever done that ?
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    cutting fan leaves

    I also had a old timer tell me to cut the fan leaves. I never did it except at the end of my grow, thinking more light will get to the lower buds.
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    Best munchie food

    No bake cookies !
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    Nirvana White-Widow

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    Nirvana shop???

    I wonder if it would help if you could mention this forum when you order?
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    early flower?

    Thanks you guys. This is my 5th or 6th grow and I've never had preflowers before.
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    early flower?

    Hey.. I have plants that are almost 5 weeks into veg and are showing pistals already. They are in 24/7 light cycle.I don't know the strain, but they appear to be indica.The plants look great! Is this a sign of a hermie??:eek:
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    Photos of my harvest...

    Be sure to give us a smoke update!
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    My super crappy cat piss harvest

    You guys make me laugh!!:)