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    Starting a new crop

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    Soiled plants in the closet

    you should allow the medium to dry out before watering again...can't really put an exact timeframe on it...i've been told its best to underwater than overwater, allowing your soil to dry out will cause ur roots to stretch further as they search for water and this will promote growth of the...
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    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    i just figured the buds were sucking up all the nutes out of the leaves, hence the yellowing...oh well just another week to go
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    Soiled plants in the closet

    looking good joey, however they do look slightly much are u giving them? notice how the leaves are drooping down instead of fanning out...i do believe thats a sign of over-watering...other that that looking nice and old are they?
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    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    well just about done..estimating around a 32g yield...better than nothin hey
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    i turn my fan off during dark cycle...
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    35 years of dirt and finally hydro.

    nice setup in that first pic theres only 2 plants?..looks like more... how tall are they? and how big is ur grow area?
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    BIGGER YIELD (SOG): 60 x 1gal. pots vs. 28 x 3gal. pots ???

    ye my plant double in size in the first 2 weeks of flowering...vertical growth slows down substantially after that as buds start to plant was around 1ft tall when i began flowering too
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    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    nah the hormone solution is specified for weed...its meant to increase likelihood of getting female plants...also it boosts the amount of hormones available to the plant during flowering, hence bigger buds...well thats what ive been told
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    Dry weight is in.

    how tall were the plants?
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    Trimming yellowing leaves

    ok well wat about from the pic below and keeping in mind its about 2ft at the moment...maximum yield? note that it is usually more bushier... ive pinned down the larger leaves to allow more light to the bottom
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    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    here she is 3 weeks into flowering...starting to grow some nice buds... it doesnt appear as bushy anymore because i pinned most of the larger fan leaves to the main stem to allow more light to reach the bottom branches only abit over 2ft tall unfortunately, think it will grow much...
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    Trimming yellowing leaves

    well my plant is like 3 weeks into flowering and theres a lot of yellowing going on amongst the leaves...if thats just a sign that the buds are taking up nutes and sugars thats all good...but i've noticed a slow down in vertical growth, its a about 2 feet tall u guys think it will grow...
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    Did I DO something Wrong???

    fruitcakes :D :D :D :p :rolleyes: :cool:
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    Trimming yellowing leaves

    is it a bad idea to trim off yellowing leaves???...or do they still serve a purpose to the plants growth?