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    White Widow

    Can anyone tell me how to grow this strain? I've had so many problems and i've read that the white strains are the pickiest type of MJ...Is this true? Please help:p
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    mg soil problems or is it just me??

    All i've heard is that you never EVER use soil over. Always buy new soil...i'm no expert, but I think this is true...
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    Well this sucks...

    Hey again. My previous plant problem ended in disaster, 1 plant is pretty much dead, and the other one is half dead. My third plant is wilting SEVERELY, I have no clue as to what is going on. There is plenty of water for them, i'm using flouros, so the light can't be hurting them, I use...
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    Updated Pictures Blueberry X Bigbud!!! MUST SEE PICS

    As a first-time grower, all I can say is...GOD DAMN, I wish mine will turn out like yours ;) Nice job, I'm actually drooling...:P
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    Little Help

    awsome, nice looking roots ya got there ;)
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    Female Preflowers?

    You guys are talking about the white squiggly thingy right? just checking, i'm still a little unclear on determining male females.
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    Does a plant in NFT hydro system stay there till the harvest?

    Awsome, this is perfect. I'm doing a first grow with NFT and you pretty much answered all of my annoying questions! THANK YOU STONEY:p
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    I have 3 plants on Flouros right now (6 of em') first question: Is that enough light for veg (13wats each = 25) Second Question: Would 150 watts HPS be enough for 3 plants during bud development? Thanks a bunch :D
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    Little Help

    haha, i feel like an idiot.:mad: Makes sense....oh, and about the nutrients, um its a 20-10-10 mix half teaspoon 2-3 wks. and i changed it from DWC to NFT (was afraid of root rot). P.S. do i need a bubbler for NFT?:confused:
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    Little Help

    Flouro 24hrs Hydro (DWC) flushed/drained (no effect) my roots are developing a sort of algae on then its comes off but meh could this be a problem? also, old leaves turn yellow and splotchy and turn brittle then break. will have pics soon Any help? my bad forgot - about 3 weeks old
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    Sativa or Indica

    I'd say 80% Indica and 20% sativa.:D
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    Hello from Canada

    Thank you for the very quick reply, i have a feeling i'm going to get along just nicely here...
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    Hello from Canada

    Hey everyone. Thanks for the welcome to this grrrrrrreat forum. I grow and i've always wanted to be a part of a growers community, or more generally any marijuana community. SO, thanks for having me and letting me do what i do best!:D -Gumber