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Jan 25, 2009
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    1. powerplanter
      Mostly I just wanted to say hey and I hope you and your family are doing well. I have high hopes for the RSO. Take care Hammy...
    2. powerplanter
      hey hammy, whats up bro. . I did finally find out why I felt like **** all the time . I have stage 4 small cell lung cancer. They just found it after me telling them for years something was wrong. They assumed I just wanted their pain meds. on March 2 my doc. gave me 1 year unless I do chemo, (which i am) and that should get me 18 months to 2 years. I just started taking RSO so maybe that will work
    3. Rosebud
      Good luck tomorrow, go bernie!!!!
    4. Twoby
      Is it cosy in Techadmins bed ?
    5. Rosebud
      So cute you are now...Thank you, we all thank you...
    6. Rosebud
      So Hammy, just wanted you to know that Halloween is over now...

      Love ya guy!
    7. pcduck
      Morning HL:) I just grew out some Chucky's Bride by Escobar. Very hard tight buds and over powering smell. If you can get some seeds I think you will like it.

      There is a bud shot in the BHC.
    8. powerplanter
      what up hamster? how long did it take to get your tracking number? i ordered my light last friday evening. i e-mailed the girl and she said that they already sennt the light and she would send me a tracking number, but i got nothing yet.
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    9. Kindbud
      What's up hammy :48: yesterday was trimming today's my favorite hash making day got half a 5 gal bucket of trim from yesterday what r u up too?
    10. powerplanter
      hey hammy, i was just wondering how long it took you to get your led light when you ordered it? i just ordered mine and don't have the tracking number yet. lol can't hardly wait... :)
    11. ickythump3
      Of course it was a real question. I don't even know what trolling means so I looked it up and really, who has time for that? Somebody I know said that is what they do (put stalk in boiling water) and even tho I never heard of that before, considering my source, is not one to make things up. So I thought. So you know for sure that it's just an old wives tale and that you can't do that? You have tried this? Maybe it's you that's the "troller" :vap_smiley:
    12. ickythump3
      I was told that if you stick the end of the stalk into boiling water right after you cut it, that the THC shoots straight to the buds. Have you heard this before? Sounds logical...
    13. Kindbud
      check out my new pics of my outdoor grow
    14. Fredoboi141
    15. lovbnstoned
      where is the Tent Club located ,, i can't seem to find it,, or course i'm taking Tramadol n Hydrocodone,, may b thats the problem hahahahhahahhahahha

      toadley stoned n lovn it:vap-leafy_wave:
    16. Greenman
      Got. Quick question for ya, will foiler feeding a calcium supplement work?
    17. budtender
      Hi Hamster Lewis! I have been away awhile. Glad to see you made your way back to MP. I hope to be starting some new grows this Aug. Alaska is voting to legalize and think it should pass this time. YAHOOOOO! Stay cool brother, budtender out! :vap-leafy_wave:
    18. gorickyourself
      Gooday!How long did people know my username was fucked?Tell ya what hamster it really yanks my chain,people post pic,other garbage to lead them back to them .People will bump them hip! that's a no no with me!guess not ah????Guess you could say life is a *****!!!Here is why l am sending email can you not delete some of this stuff?? Get back to me if you want let me know???Rick
    19. RomaTomato
      Oops! I'm new to this posting thing, sorry. I gotta get used to this stuff. Thank you.
    20. RomaTomato
      Hello, you just did something to my post? I don't understand - could you please explain? Thank you.
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