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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to MP.
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    Welcome to MP.
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    Many types of members - this is a Marijuana Forum. Remember it please.

    Hey, long time no see. I hope all is well my friend.
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    Welcome to MP.
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    New to the group

    Welcome to MP.
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    Welcome to MP.
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    Welcome to MP.
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    Welcome to MP.
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    Hey, how goes it?

    Welcome to MP.
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    Never growing my own plant

    That is why they are tall. Not even close to enough light.
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    New Here!! Hi!!!

    Welcome to MP. I use a water bong mostly.
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    Island Of Misfits

    This might be the Island of Misfits thread but it still is on Marijuana Passion. Enough with the politics. If the politics are not directly about Cannabis then keep it to yourselves. Last warning.
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    48hrs of darkness before harvest

    Save yourself 2 wasted days and just harvest. Just an old wives tale.
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    Cloning question

    I put my cloned under a small simple CFL. And the light is high up off them. I have found that less light will get quicker roots.