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    skeptical directions

    One of my very good friends that grow received 3 seeds. He decided to germinate and start to plant them and said once they were started he'd give me one of them to grow for myself. he wrote down growing directions for me. 7 hours light/17 hours dark until 1 foot tall then 24 hours on. with a...
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    New to here?

    Well, Mike I have to call it like I see it too. <<I dont want a 11 foot tall weed plant, for alot of reason. I would much rather go for 8 plants that are bushy and not so tall.>> <<Like I said I am not into growing little rinky dink shrubs. I want gaint insane jack and the beanstalk plants.>>
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    smoking for first time

    Also make sure to keep those eyes open, it would suck to be trying to act normal and get caught because you were too stoned to open your eyes.
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    hash oil

    really? how do u make that?
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    Kaos In The Kanyon

    *clap* *clap* that sounds so fun, and so awesome, wow
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    just curious

    not really, im a junior member and you are a regular member, u r higher in rank than me, cuz youve made more posts than me, thats my guess
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    just curious

    ranking proly depends on how many posts you make
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    Lava Lamps

    My friend grew with a lava lamp once, didn't work out that great. The bulb would burn the leaves.
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    I have a lot of questions!

    brown weed means its not frigin weed man, or brown could mean its laced but in ur case ur not getting high so i think ur gettin jacked by ur dealers, could i ask, how long have you been smoking and how old are you
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    Weed smoking rules and etiquette.

    Lungs has a good point, when its me and a group of close friends we're more chill about the smoking, rotation and order don't really matter, as long as everyone gets a hit. But when its alot of people order must be kept or else its just chaos. Here are the rules as I see it: 1. If it is not...
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    another large marijuana crop busted

    I would never buy that much weed without trying it first, no matter how dank it looks and smells. Even if I'm buying like a 8th I would like to test it out first, and it's the sign of a good dealer when they let you try it out.
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    wow thanx man, i just might buy that
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    Emergency! Strange reaction to smoking

    It's not that unheard of. This guy I know who use to smoke back in the 60's would take bong hits and stand up really fast, then he'd fall to ground and shake for like 5 minutes.
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    Emergency! Strange reaction to smoking

    That happened to me once. I was smoking with some friends outside when everything started going dark and eventually totaly black, I couldn't see a thing. Then my legs started shaking and I fell to the ground. My friends had to pick me up and drag me to a bench, they had said I blacked out for...
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    Peace from Portland

    me and my twin brother made this account here to try to get some advice for growing in our closet, were 15 and live in portland oregon