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    32 inspirational gardening quotes 32 inspirational gardening quotes Feeling unmotivated to start gardening this year? Read these quotes. It won't take long before you want to get your hands dirty again. KIMI HARRIS April 23...
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    Sandy soils

    That's absolutely gorgeous MrCane! I would love to sit there. I hope my backyard is as beautiful as yours one day.
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    Hello to all

    Welcome friend!
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    Senators OK Banking Access for Marijuana Businesses

    You can see sure see where the majority of the tyranny is.
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    No-till space

    The no till method has been around for a long time. I think the Rev just found about it and decided to use some fancy names and marketed it to sell his book. How I understand it is leaving the soil untouched except for added compost, top dressing, different teas, and cover crops. This allows for...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club

    LMAO DirtyDiana
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    Anyone Keep Goats?

    Much mojo in your new place THG!
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    Sandy soils

    Haha Rosebud. I just thought you were extra helpful! Yeah I must have killed it with too much love or too rich a soil. Yeah Zem, it isn't too often we have to figure out how to make crappy soil is it? I found this mix online from
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    One Good Year - Growing Marijuana in Humboldt County

    Thank your for sharing your story and your wisdom brother. I'll keep it close. I'm sorry about that red neck judge. Mean people suck.
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    One Good Year - Growing Marijuana in Humboldt County This is an hour long about growing marijuana in Humboldt County, but it's really about being self sufficient and living with the environment. When the woman speaks about homesteading at the 35 minute mark it hits home to me. I'm going to do my best...
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    Anyone Keep Goats?

    Amen. I can't figure out why everyone is in such a rush. People just need to learn how to enjoy slowing down and taking it easy. The world would be such a better place. International Institute of Not Doing Much
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    Sandy soils

    My wife bought some lavender, rosemary, and chives. Last year I had lavender and rosemary and both died. I always thought I had a green thumb until then. Anyway...the tag says rosemary and lavender like sandy soils. Does anyone have a good soil recipe for them or even a good ready to go bagged...
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    Anyone Keep Goats?

    Yeah I'm living in the nightmare now. My wife loves the city and I hate it, but I love her more than I hate the city. I've tried to convince her to move to the country to no avail :joint4: I know what you mean about the trees blocking the sky. When I was young I had the best of both worlds. I...
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    No-till space

    Well I heard about the moonshine mix and bought everything for that before I heard about this no till so it's what I'm going to use. I'm sure you know, but just in case you don't the moonshine mix is just a bag of FFOF, bag of FF Light Warrior, and a bag of FF Planting Mix. It calls for...
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    Anyone Keep Goats?

    That's a beautiful view you have there. Looks like the perfect spot for relaxing with a smoke. I had a goat when I was a kid. I loved that goat, even though she was a stubborn sob. I wish I could see her again. I live in the city so it's probable I'll never get a goat again, but if I could...