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  1. Hilda Colins

    Heeeyaaaa People

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I joined this to talk about Vapes and CBD. I personally use both of them a lot and I can't wait to make new friends talking about the same ****. :D
  2. Hilda Colins

    About Cannabidiol (cbd)

    Since this topic of CBD hit me hard... I was trying to find some good resources on what CBD actually is with an ultimate guide and I can't leave to mention these 2 awesome resources: and Share more if you find any...
  3. Hilda Colins

    CbD cure cancer?

    It isn't confirmed yet whether CBD oil can cure cancer or not. A lot of studies are going on CBD to find every benefit that it can give. I hope and believe that it can cure cancer as it isn't just your normal oil ;)
  4. Hilda Colins

    About Cannabidiol (cbd)

    I've been using CBD Oil for the past few months now for my chronic back pain and some minor anxiety issues. I agree with you that CBD isn't addictive at all. I don't buy it on dispensary though and prefer buying online.