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    Curly leaves

    The hairs are undoubtedly resin glands aka trichomes. That's where the real honey is located. Its not unusual for "sugar leaves" aka bud leaves to curl some when the trichs are growing more dense. This could be a moisture loss issue for the leaf. It could also be a combination of moisture loss...
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    welcome to Growers 101

    I would advise you to get a book or several online connections to diagnosing problems with your plants. That is always handy to reference as your plants will encounter issues periodically... Don't make the mistake of loving them to death. That is an easy mistake for beginner growers. You either...
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    welcome to Growers 101

    It can seem a little daunting at first when you try to get everything right. The learning curve is fairly long but if you keep at it, have lots of patience, and pay attention to your plants as they grow, you will get it all figured out, and then it will become almost routine for you.
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    Variations in light cycle

    yeah I must agree. I have never found a reason to shorten the light period during vegging as my plants have always grown like crazy under 24hrs of light. The key here is that MJ is NOT A HOUSE PLANT. MJ is a high energy plant that is a very "need specific" plant. It wants lots of high energy...
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    Watering with a 'sprinkler-can'...

    Its interesting how we find those little tricks that work for those unique situations. All those little tricks come in handy sooner or later. :)
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    Week 1

    about the peppers, its all about the oil. get about 5 large peppers and boil them in a pot of water until they are very mushy. Strain them out of the water before it cools then allow to cool and put in sprayer. spray plants then watch for bugs as you may have to adjust the strength of spray with...
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    Week 1

    I call week 1 when the first true leaves begin showing well. Which for vegging plants, figure 6-8 weeks from seeing sprout to sexual maturity. They may be slow getting started due to genetic variation, meaning that plant could be more about growing her roots at the moment, making the upward...
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    Hello guys a small problem again !!!

    yeah, its ok that you are using that at day 28. I assume that's day 28 of flowering? I would begin using it by the 2nd week of flower. However I prefer to also use a micronutrient along with the bloom macros. The plants stay healthier. You may already be using that or something else.
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    welcome to Growers 101

    There are multiple ways to grow, with multiple variations on those ways. Don't let the opinions and advice confuse you. Try to match up the one grow method that looks like it will work for your unique situation. Then go with that one and see if you can make it work for you. You may (will) have...
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    Nute deficiency due to pH or broad mites or sumpin' else?

    Good to hear everything is getting better :)
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    SICK Durban Poison clones...

    That looks like the roots have been damaged, either by too hot of soil (which can happen with cuttings that aren't well rooted. they are like seedlings for the first week after rooting, easy to burn them), or you may have damaged the roots when you transplanted them. You have to be careful when...
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    One step behind?

    Just noticed your flowering guide says, "if you want to harvest early". YOU DONT WANT TO HARVEST EARLY. You want to harvest when the buds have reached full ripe. This can only be determined by looking at the trichomes (resin glands) under a 30x or stronger magnifying lens. I use a jeweler's...
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    One step behind?

    I have tried using the 36 hour off time to try to "boost" the flowering hormone production. I found no difference in the flowering with doing that or just switching to 12/12 and running with it. I no longer use it. I veg my plants (under 24hrs light) until they are the size I want (and have...
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    Leaf tips burnt-flower browning

    yeah she is well into flower but if you can get it rooted, you should be able to re-veg it. I wouldn't touch the flower as it is at the top of the cutting. I would just keep it under 24hrs light and be ready to wait many weeks for it to revert and begin growing (like normal) again before doing...
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    Nute deficiency due to pH or broad mites or sumpin' else?

    I think patience is the hardest thing to learn about growing. If you are using synthetic nutes then I would definitely make sure the pH is right going in. The Neem oil is challenging to use. I prefer using Azamax which is derived from Neem oil and dissolves in water better. You can spray it on...