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    A Hillbilly's guide to Gorilla Growing

    go hard, or stay on the porch...;)
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    Irish's Buds...

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    There is life in our universe.... other than us.

    elevators huh? send up a pound of dank. stat! :hubba: i'm irish. my clan is apt to see 'things' in the dark...(usually after we lift a pint or twelve, and leave pub rear exit)...:D i believe in the puca from the land of the living. that is from my roots as a child. dark creatures, as well as...
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    what happened to the forum?

    the size is how melvan displayed it in resizing is why it looks this way. (bpotm) there are member ran sites, with an admin and mods of course, ran by member donations that are by invite only. :cool: vb cost approx. 3000 a month. to operate with full functionality. it does work if you specify...
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    I just paid $2.99 for a gallon of gas!

    most oil/gas is refined in the dirty ol south therefore it is cheaper there. it cost fuel to transport it north, and we feel the pinch north of the mason Dixon...3.69...was 3.99 last week...cost me $220 to fill my work truck, and $20 to fill my hog...gotta grow more weed...;)
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    Seed Production

    I might add, revegging a plant is relatively easy. you will want to leave at least one third of the lower plant. (stalk main, leaf, bud) simply put the plant back onto a 24/0 or a 20/4 lighting schedule. some do it gradual, I just toss it 24/0. it will get ugly for several weeks, and new shoots...
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    Cea or In/out

    your way underlit...
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    Man... Let me tell you my story - yield and grams per watt

    ''something nature won't do on her own''? huh? you ever grown outdoors? some of us kill it in and out time and again. :cool: maybe your trying to hard. its all weed when grown proper, and picked ripe. maybe try another style? we all have variances due to many underlying conditions unseen...
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    light interruption

    shouldn't be a problem just once. it's when you begin interrupting schedule regular when you will get issues. stay on same lighting schedule you've been running. agree with oz 100...
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    How hot is FFOF soil

    keep in mind the smell factor of those soils. ;) (I think ffof smells like fishing port). a lot start in mg seed starter I see, then step up to a bag soil/soiless mix. never tried the mg seed starter myself, but do see it written a lot. the 'stepping up' process is more about getting a look...
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    keep on rocking. green mojo...:cool:
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    what happened to the forum?

    you are a winner in my eyes would be hard to ever forget your Buckeye Purple...:cool: (i'm subscribed). :)
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    Happy Birthday Gone2Pot

    I hope life is treating you well my wishes from the bard... :48:
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    first fire of the season.....

    Michigan is on full display. i'm always burning something.:cool:
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    xmas grow show?

    always set up first indoor runs to harvest on xmas here. I like rocking around the xmas tree stoned. :) :cool: ... dead prez og (lifesblood) haze (lifesbood) purple wreck x blue moonshine f2(bomb) diesel berry (kak) bubba/master kush(mota) chem d x pw/bm(me) nv and myself tried to set up...