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    needing help with growing tips

    crazy im gettin hungry ;)
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    New to smoking

    ive pd 350 4 the dankes :eek:
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    ive used egg cartons put a few in each along wit soil n water cover let sit bout wekk or so5-7 days then pop goes the weedols and then its off the 2 next pot
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    My Outdoor Grow

    happy b-day mar im rite behind you ill b32this yr
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    My Outdoor Grow

    those r beautiful im from the south mine been out since end of jan had to take in 1 or 2 nites but all is aok sofar xcept the damn birds r have been toppeing a few off or somthing or other small crites im not sure yet but im watching lol
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    New to smoking

    sometimes its just being at the right place at the right time....try socailizing at local taverns or depending your age go to a party or 2 :) ps dont b pushy or nosy it will come 2 u ;)
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    just startin

    does human piss attreact birds