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    looking for old school skunky smell £20 for 5 fem << none herm!:hubba: is good also for yer singel seeds <<<j>>>>
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    :hubba: thers allwas a home for you hear in scotland muka lol :holysheep: :holysheep: that looks sweet fella;) ,<<<<j>>>>
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    looking for old school skunky smell

    ;) GHS lemon skunk fella <>dont get more old school skunky than that 1 bruvs..........<<<<<<<j>>>>>>>
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    live private chat

    chat would be awsome add to this site! wot went down in 06-07 smokingm:hubba: m ? :eek: :eek: :eek: realy?<>lmao<<<<<j>>>>>>>
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    Good Hash... by Accident

    try the morocan dry sive type next time muka! will reep more me thinks;) most curtans work good for screen! freez up yer trim and play the drumbs <> youtube it man youl see lots on ther! rember moroco puts out 60-70% of the hashish in our world they know ther stuff theo not much has changed in...
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    lst grow

    exodus chees! doctor in pop bottel! & chives and basil <<>> as you can see i like my chives threw my mash potatos and sprinkeld over most things with cheese:D its round half way mark at 4weeks and 3 days theo i recon ill flower for over 70 days:rolleyes: <<<<<<<<<<<j>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    lst grow

    lemon ^^^ big bang!:hubba:
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    lst grow

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    lst grow

    4 weeks of 12/12 , 2 weeks since pistels started spiting:rolleyes: im thinking lil 250hps for my next setup as i feel the cfls are good with the temps and hps lilhoter and mybe not so good for this space im working in as no vent, door open a lil is my vent atm:o but as winter creeps in and...
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    lst grow

    yes it 300watt red cfl , i vegd the lemon ,cheese and bang for round 3-4 weeks under a 125watt blue cfl think next run ill veg under a t5 as iv seen grate results under them things. :icon_smile: bud production strated round 2nd week the pistels started spiting fast styel so been in bloom mode...
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    lst grow

    1 square foot floor space 4 ghs girls<>(the doctor,lemonskunk,bigbang,exoduse cheese) doc is in 2ltr pop bottel & 12/12 from seed other 3 got lil lst to stop out growing my hight. 300 watt red cfl, 33% soil 33%perlight 33%verm feeding gently with bio bloom, and its ther 4th week flower...
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    Vegging with T5s

    t5s all the way muka!<<< its my next move deffo after seen wot they did for my lil cuzs autos <<mega bushed them up!
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    bit of hoie oil is allwas good to have! <<<<<<<j>>>>>>>>>:icon_smile:
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    How many days the hay smell persist?

    try lil shake of yer jars each day<< i felt this helpd when i had same problem with a big bang i grew out. <<<<<<<<<<<j>>>>>>>>>>>
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    What's in Roddy's Garden Today??

    yer greenhouse is looking fabdabeedosie! ma man ,, whers yer tomato plants theo? lol:p <<<<<<<<<<<j>>>>>>>>>>>