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    Humboldt Seed Organization

    I decided to order a few new strains from HSO only to find out they closed the warehouse due to COVID-19. Good thing I have mothers and seeds from last year but I was really looking forward to growing their newest strain called "The New" and I really wanted another 25 Chemdawgs after last years...
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    i49 seedbank

    As a follow-up, all their seeds performed pretty much as ordered, my only problem with i49 is all the seeds are their own breeds, I have gone almost exclusively to Humbolt Seed ORGANIZATION, they have some of the best strains and breeders in the world. But make sure you go to the Humboldt Seed...
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    Strain opinion please...

    Check out Black D.O.G. by Humboldt Seed Org., it looks a lot like that beauty.
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    Want to work with weed? Here’s the straight dope on marijuana jobs

    Wow, kind of harsh on the new guy aren't you? Maybe he was just trying to get a point across about there being plenty of work aside from the marijuana industry and you can still catch a long bid for growing and or selling marijuana. And for at least 50 years I have been using the term "guys"...
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    Buying seeds online

    True North Seedbank in Canada. I ordered Gorilla Zkittles by Barneys Farm, Blue Dream from Humboldt Seeds and I don't remember the freebie. Every seed is the exact strain in the the exact pheno I was looking for. I personally won't order from anywhere else.
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    Nothing fancy

    Helicopter parenting is an awesome thing.
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    The title says it. We know they're around, we do everything we can, we work our asses off just to have these lowlife scum come and attack our property and steal our hard work. So this year I have an even dozen blackout security cams that take both stills and videos and send them directly to our...
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    Leaf Discolouration and abnormal growth

    If they decide to live and re-root they're going to be some of the ugliest, messed up looking things you've ever seen. There will be single leaves, double leaves, 3 finger leaves that almost look like 3 separate leaves but they aren't. They'll have trichomes everywhere, curl back into themselves...
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    whens beat to harvest

    At this point it's up to you, she's ready but it can also go longer. The high now should be more uplifting and make you able to do things, as it ripens more you should get a more "couch lock" sort of high.
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    Think I’m pollinated

    You should always get 100% germination rates from seeds ordered from reliable seed banks by ESTABLISHED breeders. I'm seeing all these new growers and strains out there and I belong to a lot of weed pages and I am seeing more and more posts every day about all these inferior breeds and breeders...
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    my first grow

    Sevin powder and NEEM oil? On plants in bud? Not a great idea, in my opinion. Where's that powder going to go? Yup, into your buds. Neem oil MAY be linked to CHS, so that's not a great idea either. I would use a capsicum and water with a little Dawn dish soap to bind it for your bugs it's a lot...
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    Turning one Female branch to Male for pollen

    I've always been taught that colloidal silver was the way to produce "feminized" seeds but I leave that sort of thing up to the real breeders. Hermaphrodites are horrible creatures in the growing world, no matter how they are made, but technically I would have to say that you've arrived at...
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    medical use/tolerance question

    I would say yes, you will eventually start to build a tolerance just like with most medications. If it happens you can try a different breed or take what we call a "tolerance break" for a couple weeks, it works wonders.
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    What causes you to fail a cannabis drug test?

    Take a break from smoking, 30 days for most jobs but a minimum of 90 days for a federal job such as mail delivery or any sort of law enforcement . Other than that there in NO 100% foolproof way to pass a urine test. If you use someone else's or fake urine you still need to get it in that little...
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    Help for first timer

    Like THG said, they need nutrients, not flushing. And the screen where you have it is doing no good for anything, if you can get it out of there without destroying everything you should do so, asap. I can't see any need to try to scrog or sog your plants, let them do their thing, maybe open...