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    is it true?

    I have been informed that, heaven's stairway, and several other affiliates have their servers seized and have been shut down. Now the canadian police may be conducting other investigations with the information in their databases.. is this true??
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    problem initiating flowering

    I may be able to get some I don't know how quality they will be im afraid.. ill come back..
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    Best state to be a pothead?

    I live in MN and was found with pos. of small amount on me while driving. I was given the choice to pay a 100$ fine or go fight the ticket in court. I payed the fine..
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    problem initiating flowering

    well, its not the sex of the plant im concerned about really im confindent they are both females- the more recent one shows distinct pistils growing scattered across the plant. the problem is that it has been in veg. for about 2 months, and I have now placed it in 12/12 for 10 days now and I...
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    problem initiating flowering

    I have 2 small plants growing in a tiny cabinet about ( about 2'x1.5'x3') i have very limited space and have to use a 200W 2700 K compact fluroescent bulb. I put the two in the cabinet at different times, however. The first is about 4 weeks now, and is flowering with considerable results. I put...
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    my first clones- advice? i have a couple pics

    I dipped them in a cloning solution called hormex and put them in oasic foam cubes (i couldn't find rockwool anywhere). i put the cubes in small garden pots and almost submerged the cubes in potting soil form a hardware store. They've been in a humidity dome and ive been keeping the cubes moist...
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    my first clones- advice? i have a couple pics

    So far, i've attempted and succeeded in a single tiny cabinet grow, about 2' by 3'.These are my first clones that I have ever attempted and so far i think every thing has been going good. however the bottom leaves of the clones are slowly turning yellow and dying. They all seem to be poducing...
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    New to growing and on a budget

    hey dude i was in basically your exact same situation. I see you've gotten alot of advice but if you want advice from someone who was in a similar situation here it is. the Cannabis grow Bible by "Greg Green". It is very simple and clear. as for lights if you cant afford HPS, or if it would get...
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    cloning question

    ok, i have a problem, my light broke, and im on my backups until i can get my replacement. unfortunately, my backups are not very good lights. and my plants are outgrowing their space, so I need to try to proceed with my plan before i have the necessary equipment, but i know i will get it soon...
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    question about cloning

    thanks for the advice im hoping for the best
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    question about cloning

    ok, than k you for the advice. as for the dome, what kind of material does it have to be? in other words, how can i make one. and what exactly is the purpose of the dome because knowing why it's a 'must' would be helpful to me. thanks again and thanks for any more help
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    question about cloning

    I've just finished my first grow and moved to my second. with this one, i am wanting to do a sea of green, but i don't have all that many cloning resources. What i've got is a bunch of small pots, potting soil, a rooting gel, and some oasis foam bricks. i can't get rockwool anywhere. anyway my...
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    Please help?..

    ha nice thats exactly what i did and im enjoying my product now.