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    pretty sure this one's ready.

    After the longest wait ever, you gotta wait a couple MORE weeks to make it serviceable. Lol
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    The top 10 trending cannabis strains of 2019

    Nearest i've got to ANY of these is RQS' Royal Cookie. (GSCx) But not grown any of these. Only on second grow to be fair... Gelato 33 n GG big here in UK, (i get mad headaches with GG so avoid like plague) and some chatter around wedding cake too but no exposure (other than forum anons growing)...
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    How do you dry your herb?

    Dry all mine in a net just above my leds in my flower tent (1.2m sq), I use a fans to move air around the net but not at it. Usually 7-10 and it's good for jaring. The tent has chunky 5" fan n carbon filter so nothing is leaking into my living space at all.
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    Can this Godberry be revegged?

    Cheers GD, Have placed it in a quiet but lit corner and am going to keep giving it veg feed. Will let it sit for a month and see what happens. I have noticed when i clone, they end up (at least I see it) going through a mini cycle of flower back to veg, at least it's how I see them trying to...
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    pretty sure this one's ready.

    Just a few more days Menthol'. It's the single hardest lesson farmers can learn. Patience... ;)
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    Can this Godberry be revegged?

    Yeah, am realising i needed more leaf matter: 14 bud sites is just too little this time. Will try since as HG said, very little to lose, but next time I'll keep a choice set of foliage to stay on her in prep for it.
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    Can this Godberry be revegged?

    Well i had bought a few godberry seeds and all but one failed. Even this one had a bad time of things when in veg, so alyhough I have a couple clones that will prolly survive, I realised very late that i may want to keep this girl about for as long as possible. I know, too little veg left on...
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    Comment by 'JimmyNugs' in media 'Hawaiian Indica hybrid mutant strain #4456'

    Awesome, but wondering if it needs different light spectrum to throw fully...
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    Can this Godberry be revegged?

    Just harvested the beautifully fruity and sweet Godberry which, after a few issues in veg did a great job and I have about 4 zips from a 12l tub. So am happy regardless. But... With re veg in mind I left a few small flower sites just in case but now I've taken the main flowers, is the remaining...
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    new guy

    I got a tent with girls to cut this week, a couple for harvest in four weeks and a couple just in for their 8 week flower too. This is the best time for us farmers... All the effort is a day or two off and the future is already showing you them topsites. Magic stuff you got going on.
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    new guy

    Very nice.... Love that mainline btw
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    Just bought a freeze dryer does anyone have any tips /experience with 1

    How is the frreze dryer working out? Looked into those when i started out a few months ago but with the additional expense i figured waiting a week or so is no big thing. Though if the freeze dry process does leave a comparable product, i may investigate further...
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    New'ish UK grower trying new'ish equipment on the cheap.

    Hello from the cool winds of South Devon UK (spitting distance from Mayflower Steps: if that means something to you. ;) - its 2020 soon!) So had my first grow through the past summer and made soooo many mistakes, I'm surprised I had plants that even made it to harvest time. But, soaked up all...
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    2019 grow journal

    Whole lotta love going into your grow F'. Nice work and it is gonna pay off real soon. Side bar on your lights, my understanding is that MH bulbs are as good for veg phase, as hps is for bloom. However a little extra 'blue' light in last week or two is also beneficial for finishing (mix of hps...