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    Soiled plants in the closet

    Im excited to tell everyone both plants are flowering, and I successfully grow 2 out of 3 total to be female. I just have pictures next post with a new camera. I can't wait to try out all the settings. I should be able to get excellent pictures of crystals.
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    grow room pics--it's finally happening!

    What type and wattage is it?
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    Training is any method you use to control the growth of your plant. Topping is probably the most common form of training(for canabis). Topping is high stress training. Cutting the main grow stem off stresses the plant and causes it to redistribute its hormones to other grow tips resulting in the...
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    grow room pics--it's finally happening!

    sweet system. About how much did it cost?
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    Soiled plants in the closet

    Shit, 4 or 5 weeks. I really can't remember. One thing I learned from my current grow (first) is that weeks can't be used. For a while I had a chart with calculations and stuff, but it didn't go with the plant. Once both had pre-flowers, I thought, I changed it over to 12-12. Unfortunately...
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    Soiled plants in the closet

    Im starting to have secong thoughts about weather (Pictures-2,3,4,5) is a hemi. There was only one sac, next to a base of hairs, but it has stoppped growing. Nothing seems to be hapenning with it now.And the other plant (Pictures-6,7,8,9) is still not maturing. getting bushy and bigger, but no...
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    Can anyone tell me the sex of this plant?

    Looks female. But to be sure could you take a pic of the other side to see where that hair is growing from. Are you going to reveg or flower?
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    Soiled plants in the closet

    One plant turned out to be a hermi (tall & slender, 1 & 3), and the other (bushy, 2 & 4) is still not showing. Im still undecided if im going to keep the hermi all the way through. I have read other places that if you cut off the pollen sacs (only one showing), the bud will most not have seeds...
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    too late?

    I think it would be too late to have the entire process outside. You could have it in a planter outside for most of the summer. And when the days start to shorten bring it inside under a HID light. That why it could be a very controlled process for flowering.
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    Its all normal, just let it ride. I would start to get worried if you had stounted growth, insect/pest/thief issues.
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    How long you let the bud mature also determines the type of high it is. I can't remeber which is which, but it picked alittle early may produce a mind 'buzz' instead of a body 'buzz'. But that is what I have read on the internet. Im still on my first generation so I haven't had the...
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    New Grower

    With flores expect slow growth compared to sunlight or HPS. For the medium, make sure it is mixed for maximum drainage. For a fertilizer, use liquid nuts found at growing stores. Also, you may want to flush to soil, and fertilze it yourself. The pre-add nutrients are not the right mixture...
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    Here is a picture that will explain that.
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    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    If it is the end of flowering, some bottom fan-leaves will turn yellow from the depletion of N.
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    Soiled plants in the closet

    What are the common signs of over-watering? The method I had been using for watering was when the first inch and 1/2 of soit was dry, or it the planter felt light. Currentlly it's day 3 on the water schedule, but will be held off for 2 more days to see what happens.