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    How to set time?

    The full moon? Aaaaooooooooooooooooooooowwwww....
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    I don't spend lots of money on all that. I just use sheep poo and potash. Works fine.
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    Contemplating My Second Grow

    Why not...
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    No idea Airbone sorry, don't know much about tents.
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    Is this a girl?

    As long as they don't want to use the men's toilet I don't care.
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    LOL. Use shit, well rotted of course. Preferably not yours. It's a bit acid so you put some potash or cal mag too.
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    How to set time?

    I dunno. I'm not into time, ma'am.
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    Is this a girl?

    I see one pic (copied) with what look like fem preflowers. The rest appear to be male.
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    Funny news about my Widows

    You can use a camera too, get a good close up and then enlarge it.
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    Beginer needs help

    81F is 27C - hardly anything really! Inside my greenhouse gets to 44C and the plants can tolerate that, 27C is relatively cool.
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    Are these pistils or just weird leaves?

    pistils-probably. Hard to tell.
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    Grow #1.

    Ceremonial #1. Black Domina x Oaxaca, 50/50 hybrid. I'm not sure how many more weeks she needs, Maybe 5? For amber. This is my best cultivar.
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    Grow #1.

    My SuperSkunk (#1 under another name) by Nirvana, looks healthy and I think it's a female. Hopefully, the small one is a male so I can get some seed. I only managed to germinate two. I'm running this pot pretty hot with sheep manure and potash, but just a tiny bit of burn maybe. She's growing at...
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    Good Breeder

    Maybe someone can help. I hope so.