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    4th week of flower ~ yellowing leaves and drying up

    you know that is great to hear kade cause i thought i was F'N something up cause my big fans always yellow and shrivel. man all i need to do is read these forums and i learn something new every day
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    new setup attempt

    potency should not be affected as long as you take care of it once it is in flower. nothing but lst. if you want to top it it will stunt growth but will also delay preflowers i think.about lst you tie down the geowth tips not fan leaves you did it right. ill show you a pic tomorrrow of my...
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    new setup attempt

    technically you can go 12\12 from the start but you will lose potency and yield if forced early. best to wait for either alt nodes or preflowers either of which is a sign of sexual maturity
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    first timer wish me luck

    those pics were of i think 50 days and now they are 57
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    new setup attempt

    hey bro your looking good. as for your area you thought were flowers after every fan leaf above it will be new growth that is where you would take a clone if you wanted. also the hairs your talking about i couldnt see yet but it might be there. at this stage they are called preflowers. which...
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    Joe's first grow journal!

    just to let you know unless there is something held up next to it for scale it is impossible to judge how big someones buds are in a pic. **** mine look bigger in my pics than they do in person
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    THC Chemistry

    hey check this thread out from icmag there is alot of info and i mean alot about this exact subject i read all 9 pages and am kind of convinced that the acid idea will not make a huge difference from just plain oil. oh well its a good read with good posts from some very intelligent people...
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    THC Chemistry

    hey guys im just wondering have any of you all made just oil in the first step. as the whole idea of trying to acquire petroleum ether sounds quite sketchy to me not mention the explosive idea so anyway if so what are your experiances. good bad? and also has anyone tried this pure form of oil...
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    omg my babies! Pics show spotting

    just to give everyone a heads up nutes need to be used sparingly in soilmy plants are in black gold coco blend soil and they are at there 4th node and show no sign of a need for nutes my widow clones were 6 nodes and a foot tall before they needed em. remember too much nutes hurts and does not...
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    couple of spots on leaves

    hey bro yeah your soil is hot and definately dont use nutes on small plants like that especially if your soil already has em. no nutes until probaly flower time when using soil with nutes good luck also your plants are stretching a bit what kind of light you got on em
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    Frank Petersons closet journal

    hey my journal of white widow is in here. mine went from 18-22inches to 44-48 inches and my clones went from12-14 to 30-36 inches hope it helps and good luck also i found my widows didnt want too much nutes
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    Turkeys Skunk #1

    hey man lookin good. i built a rubbermaid cloner too 8 of 9 rooted in 10 days. pipe cleaners are good but use what i got lying or which happened to be individual strands of cat5 wire working good so far
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    some pics of my new grow

    oh man im sorry to hear that im not a cat man but ican still appreciate the love between a pet/owner. i wish you the best of luck with them in the futurer. try to have a merry christmas
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    first timer wish me luck

    yeah the way i germ is just throw the seed a 1/2 inch down in soil and water so what i did was just that 3 days later 4 of 5 critical mass germed and not one of the 7 NL so i let them sit for another week and nothing when i pulled em out not even one tail came out. so i put in 3 more CM and the...
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    first timer wish me luck

    you know i tried to lock these ladies up and keep em from ever seeing a guy but one snuck in when i wasnt looking and apparently got lucky. cause now i got seeds galore. damn ***** plants next time im going for the chastity belt and chainsaw. belt for the girls chainsaw for the boys. also thanks...