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    Which system to use?

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    Time to flip?

    Hey thanks TBG, DL, and OC, I appreciate the responces. I'll leave the lights on today, then tonight turn them off. Tomorrow I'll switch to the HPS bulb, raise the lights, and watch em grow. Best wishes, the Llama
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    Time to flip?

    I'm pretty proud of my project so far. This is my first indoor grow and needless to say I've been learning a lot! I've struggled getting my lights right, my ventilation working enough, temps stabalized, learning to use nutes, etc. I'm to the point where my greatest new concern is odor...
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    first cabinet grow problem

    Everything I know I've learned from MP. After reading a whole lot and getting my cabinet together I've begun my first cabinet grow. Here's my details: cab dimensions= 18" deep x 36" wide x 5' tall painted white inside 265cfm squirrel cage fan to provide ventilation, passive intake = 2 holes...
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    fan noise

    Last night I put sort of an awning over the hole in the back of my cabinet where the fan blows out. I thought that perhaps it was the noise of air moving. My cab sits about 8" from a wall, so I figured maybe it was the force of the air hitting the wall. So, I made a cardboard awning to direct...
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    fan noise

    Originally I thought that maybe it was vibration that I was hearing. So I put some dense foam weather stripping material around the edge of the fan to pad it and re-attached it to the back wall of my cab. No change. Now I think it is the motor that I hear. I did find some ideas for a muffler...
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    fan noise

    My new cabinet seems to be funtioning ok, temps are right around 70 degrees, rh around 40%. My box fan that I use to **** warm air out though seems to be too noisey. I have a passive intake near the bottom of the cab and the fan up top. It keeps the air moving and fresh, but I can hear it too...
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    My first indoor grow, so far so good!

    Finally got my cabinet and everything together and have started my first indoor grow. I have to say I am really excited! Using a K-Mart cabinet that I painted white, have fans for sucking the hot air out, and bought a swithcable HPS-MH light system. Haven't hooked up the lights yet, so I'm...
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    Kid question

    I don't have my own kids but have lived with them a lot and have taught school for many years. I totally dissagree with giving kids drugs to "alter" their behavior. Young minds are still growing and developing and can be adversely effected by some of these new drugs like ritalin. I don't even...
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    How do I lightproof vents?

    Heading to the hardware store tomorrow, so I want to be sure I understand this and get the right stuff. It's nearly 50 miles to the closest hardware store! I'm going to get some dryer hose to use for venting my lights to my fans. But I'm still not clear on the intake being light proof...
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    Grow Box Dimensions to Maximize Efficiency Question

    Cyberquest- Your information has been really informative and helpful. But, I have one question on your figures. You have said a couple times that a 4x2 grow cab = 6 square feet. Well my friend, sorry, but 2x4=8 sq. ft. doesn't it? Will this effect your figures? I too have a 400 w MH/HPS...
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    How do I lightproof vents?

    I'm nearly ready to start my first indoor grow. Got a nice wood cabinet at K-Mart, painted the inside white, have lights and fans on the way... My question is this... how do I install my intake and vent fans so that light doesn't comein the cab? Is a 90 degree elbow vent enough to block out...
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    We're #1 We're #1

    Looks like the Feds are finally admitting that we grow the biggest cash crop in the US of A! I saw this story on the net today... WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. growers produce nearly $35 billion worth of marijuana annually, making the illegal drug the country's largest cash crop, bigger than...
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    Indoor growing in the winter advice

    Howdy folks, I've been reading up for a while and am nearly ready to start my first indoor grow. I have a couple questions I haven't found the answer to here. I'm growing inside in a closet, but I'm still concerned about temperatures. I live in the basement of an older house, so inside...
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    Updated Pictures Blueberry X Bigbud!!! MUST SEE PICS

    Nice job on those beautiful buds! I feel good just looking at them. Clones or seeds? Curious where you got those seeds? Thanks for the pics The Llama