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    List and reviews of U.S. Seedbanks

    sohum seeds anything ringo worked on
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    Taking a clone close to harvest

    buds always seem to root faster, i like taking clones when im shaving legs in week 3 of flower
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    Southern Oregon Seeds

    have had positive experience with them and the gear i grew out, plus cant ever complain about freebies thunder **** og kush skunk#1 NL#5 banana creme and others i cant remember i would have to look back through the files i liked everything cane in its own packaging
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    Southern Oregon Seeds

    have purchased through this seedbank several times and run there gear out on IG
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    MP LED Members

    just found a new LED co, offering 1200 watts/ 675 actual, for under 300 bux. thing has IR and UV, its full spectrum, and bright AF. i will be running 6 of these panels in a 10x12 room with 8 foot ceilings keeping 24-30" off canopy
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    One of my Satori right before harvest...

    finding lots of hybrids drop male flowers later into harvests, about the same 60-70 days
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    A.M.'s Flower Room

    still got your cindy here
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    GG#$ Joesy's girl

    this got so whored out couldnt even enjoy growing her, no more demand i let the cut go
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    Double Ended hid Lights Info Needed

    een running 10-14 nanolux DEs for 2 years now, having 16' ceilings helps tons, i dont have air conditioning, i use the height and convection to move all the heat out while constantly drawing cool moist air in
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    Low progress between week 6 and 7?

    deficiencies will happen as you are giving the plant very lil to live off of from the water. but give it a go, at least you will have eliminated all varibles and can start guessing at square one
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    High CBDs, Very Low THC?

    its work of another forum member, ill hunt down more info. he was at the emerald cup last year.
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    High CBDs, Very Low THC?

    the cut youre seeking is known as Last Laugh, its almost no thc and high cbd
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    Low progress between week 6 and 7?

    your levels on calmag arent far off, hence no hard signs. im seeing that healthy looking light greenish yellow, instead of a deeper green green, yes you are running a sativa hybrid, which also can tend to eat more. another thing to check is your runoff and media PH, look at what kinda ph...
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    Do I need to use Cal/Mag?

    look up your cities water testing results. RO should be 0ppm btw. please dont be using soft water. those redish purplish stems are a sign of MG def, easily fixed with epsom foliar at 1tsp per gallon, bring ph up to 5,5 with silica. dont foliar buds after 4 weeks, or risk rot
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    Low progress between week 6 and 7?

    seeing some leaf clawing there, and signs of a calmag/mg issue. are you in coco? could be too much PK and the P is locking the calmag/mg?