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    3 weeks/ pics

    hey mojo , i am going out of town for work .. so ill talk to you later , as for the float valve, little giant makes one that u can use it sells for 18 bucks or so, this type is commonly use to fill up trophs for cattle, you will also need what is commonly called a drain fitting, for youre other...
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    3 weeks/ pics

    hey mojo, i agree w/ guru abot the branching thing, the plant has to be ready hormoneally ( i cant spell) See how youre plants are simetrical? soon the plants will start to grow more obvious branches, as they explore for light and space. right now its just kinda, stock node node leaf feaf...
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    Trip Music

    ive liked, dial m for monkey lately. from bonobo.
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    3 weeks/ pics

    nice recovery, looks like its gonna be full in there soon.
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    Help for FLoridaBuD

    hmm ants do eat the larval stage of many insects, these ants i would welcome, if the ants are aphid milkers id worry about aphids. If they are a bother rather than using poision, try Tangle Foot, this product goes at the base of the stem and they cant climb over it. if your plants touch the...
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    Keeping cool on a budget

    Hey all, though i would share som pics of my cooling setup. This an old air conditioner i grabbed from the dump. I gutted the thing and the part you see is the secondary rad, or the small one that cools the freeon.I had to make no modifications to the thing, except alot of diasasemply. All i had...
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    usually 6-8 weeks
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    sulpher bulbs

    They have been around for quite some time, but there have been problems getting them to work perfectly, a friend of mind said he heard that they have worked out allotta bugs and are testing them on plants, and other things. but that was about all the info he had. here is one of the better links...
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    Well-known Vancouver pot activist Marc Emery arrested in extradition bid by U.S.

    Makes me angry, These retards, ( those members of OUR legal systems) are constantly breaking the very law they claim to uphold. They will take everything away from someone for, paticipating in a market, their crazy "law" created. Why cant they realize that you cant force your opinion on people...
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    my first grow- cabinet soil operation

    ~i can see the pics now, id like to know how you posted them so big....they look great. what kinda lights are you using? I spoke to my friend, he doesnt know where he got W.r. exactly, but he said one parent is burmese. He also said (though he wasnt sure)) but the breeder who developed white...
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    2 weeks old:should be bigger?got pics

    lol that be a joint! they look like lovely stout babies to me. plz keep me posted. Here are some more shots of my setup, not really all that high tech just rubbermaid bins,(and 2 years of trial and error). my little ones are not ready to go in yet, ill show you them later. i only do maybee 3...
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    promoting color

    ~hmm.......... any idea of wich strains change on their own?? Or better yet what do you recomend? i always enjoy something spicy w/ a shrap creeper high,. We get first frost as early as mid setember = ( And inside i stick with indica dominents), so i guesse do you know of any exceptional early...
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    2 weeks old:should be bigger?got pics

    Id go for the big pump , pumps are a large sourse of heat, if you were to buy a Magdrive, 250, or 350, you can actually have youre pump outside the water.This way,less water is heated by the pump. A mag drive has all the threaded ends needed for standard P.v.C type couplers. all you will need is...
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    Newbie Grower With some Questions

    ~ pretty plant. to me and from the pic it looks very healthy. I am no longer a big fan of topping, i agree with guru whole heartedly. i wouldnt top that plant. the limpness is likely caused by the plant temperarily running out out of water. In direct sun the plant drinks enormours amounts of...