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    1st Grow 45th day of flowering

    thats a shitload of bud...
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    Drying outside during winter

    in the winter? if it gets frosty then youve just ruined it...
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    introduce yourself before posting

    im beginning to think my name is intimidating, MMilitiar, sounds kinda intimidating to me...
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    introduce yourself before posting

    meh...i was trying to see how long before it says im a senoir member, so i just wrote till i got bored...
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    Iso Hash Oil

    i was thinking extracting, my bad, grunts right...
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    Iso Hash Oil

    youd want to do it wet^
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    $300 seeds

    yeah, im not a fan of emery other man^, and weed is quite free for me, seeing as i am "popular" with the local stoners, so i usually just smokeout with them, and ask for some bud(theyed never give me an ounce, but i could scrap out 5 grams like nothin)
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    introduce yourself before posting

    yes, im that kid who lives next door with all the guns, and you wonder how he got them, but he tells you he ordered parts kits and put them together himselves, but some are automatic, so you worry, plus hes a pothead, so you, beeing the uneducated government pawn you are think im a threat to...
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    man, "keeos the ticker ticken", thats always the coolest saying, wow, lol.
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    White Russian

    mmmm, white russian...
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    money order

    yeah, customs punched my wauwi order from
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    help with stealthiest grow

    yeah man, im 16, and my mom knew i was growin in my closet, but it got really akward with her knowing, and all, so i tranfered all my plants to my buddys shed, its like his bedroom too, its badass...
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    Iso Hash Oil

    id be sceptical, last time i checked, treying to smoke somthing that was introcued to butane was an accident waiting to happen...
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    Best state to be a pothead?

    your house... (or denver)