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    11 Foot Tall Cannabis Plant

    cops aren't the ones we worry about
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    Cloudy days vs. indoor lighting...

    This maybe a personal problem. The light isn't what is effecting density. On a sunny day there are somewhere around 60000 lumens per sq ft and 5000 per sq ft on a cloudy day. An indoor room on a closed system should have 5000 lumens per sqft. But you have 3-5 times the co2 in the room then...
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    11 Foot Tall Cannabis Plant

    <<<I've had them bigger than that. First big grow I had. We got two of them 17' tall and four 13' tall and the rest were at 11'. If you have the space why not. Can't really do that in a neighborhood. I like to tie them down to grow shrubs.
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    Organic Nutes

    THG I like to use a really hot mix with my plants. I put it down about 8-10" below roots. Although I am good about feeding the soil with teas. I think it helps with the microbes spreading it out nutes for the plant to absorbe evenly without burn. My teas have minimal nutes from E.J...
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    The return of Larry OG.....

    Breath taking Ham. Vulptious ladies you got there.
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    What should I feed my worms?

    citrus shouldn't be more than 5% of your bin. I always through green trimmings in on top from the garden. I think it insulates them and they end multipling faster and decomposing. I through the trim on top that I don't use for tincture and they love that. egg shells good. cal-mag my friend...
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    G.S.C. and some bubba x BB OUTDOOR

    its a euphoric state. sleep isnt a hundred percent necessary. you become one with nature. I do have just enough. I can't stop planting. Everything about it is enjoyable.
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    G.S.C. and some bubba x BB OUTDOOR

    Thanks. There is a tent right where im taking the pic from. sometimes i sleep in the middle of them too when there isn't much fog.
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    G.S.C. and some bubba x BB OUTDOOR

    the first two are the BKxBB chunky little lady. Dense with BK scent with a little sweet from the BB. The last three are of the GSC. looking great.Sweet and skunky
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    G.S.C. and some bubba x BB OUTDOOR

    girls are putting on some weight. The first to pics are the GSC The third is OG X BB I was getting help from Splat while prunning
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    G.S.C. and some bubba x BB OUTDOOR

    been a little while. got the girls a fungal tea 2 nights ago. i soaked some mango mulch and alaskan humus for 4 days so the fungi's get a head start before making the tea. i add about 300 ml of mollases half a a cup of kelp 2 cups of oatmeal 6 cups of hummus andmango mulch each 100ml of humic...
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    Heal's grow # 3

    looks like you got the room you wanted. ladies look great
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    Is this a good Tea Recipe?

    Fungal tea. I just wanted to add that a good way to get a fungal tea besides mango mulch, or forest soil. Is to let your compost be kept moist in dark container for 3-4 days and then add to your tea. this comes from Teaming with Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis. fungus's like the...
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    Organics for flowering?

    EJ's Volcanic Bat Guano 0-8-1 no say where it from. if thats what your asking
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    My Old Fart Grow 2012

    i love your impulse buy. i would be sold on the mantis's too. that age old bloom seems like a great product. it really feeds the benificial oraganisms and benifits the plant with the micro's. you know that some of that benifits is lost using FF's line though. seems as though it hasn't...