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    Powdery Mildew

    I use 90 water 10 milk
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    Is this bud rot?

    No problem. You can DM me on Instagram anytime if you have questions. i would suggest General Hydroponics 3 part Flora Series as a base nutrient, with CALMag also. You can get it any any grow store, usually with a feeding chart to help beginners. That’s going to be the main problem. Not enough...
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    Powdery Mildew

    That will work. I just did it the other day. That’s a bit strong of a mix, but won’t hurt unless you dont get rain for a week. Then The milk will stink.
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    Is this bud rot?

    Looks like you have a few things going on, hard to pinpoint exactly without asking a million questions and seeing it up close. Here’s what I recommend: Go to a grow supply store and ask for H2o2 (Strong peroxide)and water as per directions. Rinse your plants until you get a lot of run off...
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    Is this bud rot?

    It was hilarious in the 90’s when I started posting and people were sceptical of who they were talking to. Before legalization lol. At the same time I owned a seedbank, the web address was (doesn’t work now)
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    Is this bud rot?

    You for sure have powdery mildew. Easily treatable with a spray of 9 parts water, 1 part milk. I’d like to see a picture of the whole plant though to see if that all. Leaves look droopy. Could be root rot also. Mildew won’t do that in early stages.
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    Granddaddy Purple and Alien OG

    Here’s some pics of various stages of the Tent I am taking down this weekend. I have video on my IG account @m.f.cannabis. I can’t figure out how to post it here though.
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    Hash plant outdoor grow

    The weather is finally perfect and plants hardened off. Today is GARDENING DAY in eastern Ontario! Only doing 2 this year as I moved and have no privacy fence yet. Also still have my indoor tent going so I should be fine. I’ll be growing 1 Hash plant as that’s my all time fav, and still debating...
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    My first tent grow

    Off to a good start. What are you using for light?
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    leaf edges brown

    That’s definitely pushing the temps. Usually they would wilt and just look weak, even bent over from shock. Brown leaves tells me nutrient issues however. It would be good to see a pic. Also, always harden them off before bringing them outside. I’ve been hardening mine for 5 now preparing for...
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    High Everybody

    Hey! Nice to virtually meet you!
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    Expanding my online world

    I hope their are no issues with me posting this here. I’ve just created an IG account to start sharing my indoor and outdoor grow pics and product reviews. New to Instagram and need some followers. I’ll figure out how to link my pics to this forum also. Please ad me to IG and I will return the...
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    Trimming machines

    This worked great. I wish I could figure out how to upload video, but I will put it on my IG for anyone to see. I’ll never hand trimming again. It was a bit messy for the first time, but I’ll be able to fix that. The trim was perfect to use for tincture also! @realOGgrower here’s a pic of...
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    Grapefruit Kush and Grape God

    I ended up waiting a few more days until the crystals had a little more amber to them. 1263.5 grams (not including a big bag of ‘shake’ for oils) The Grape God had some nice big purple buds. Grapefruit Kush (one of my favs to grow) never disappoints! Cant wait for it to cure!
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    Grapefruit Kush and Grape God

    It’s about that time.....