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    I am Cody Oebel owner of NukeHeads seed bank

    Hey everyone, Cody here, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am the owner of the first and only seed bank that not only has 100's of genetics, but THE only seedbank that custom 3D designs you a lab container with your name designed on it and 3D printed. I did generative analysis...
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    Cody Oebel here, owner of NukeHeads, and designer of the Jigga Watt and Gamma Ray, all metal 100% hand built here in Colorado Springs, Colorado grow lights. I wanted to show how much abuse they can take so I abuse the heck out of my design feel free to watch it here: OHHHHH How well does it...
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    First Auto Flower Grow and need some advice!

    Love seeing a fellow NukeHead here. I finally made time to join here and hopefully I can make time to create relationships with everyone here needing genetics etc.. -Cody Oebel Owner,
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    Nukeheads....what do you think?

    Your in great hands when you buy from NukeHeads :) my people work hard and fast as we possibly can in order to get orders out. We have grown so big that here in April we were in the process of moving to a larger building with an 18 wheeler loaded up with office supplies. So if there was any...
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    What do you do with herm plant?

    The purple dawn seeds are produced by a husband and wife couple known as Michael and Dawn. You can actually watch their youtube channel and see how they grow their plants and seeds and how big and amazing the buds are. WATCH THEM HERE: It's rare as the owner of NukeHeads for me to hear...