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    Hash from trimmings

    I bought a 5 bag bubble bag system .. in the end there wasn't as much as I thought there'd be and it light green .. I then realized I don't trim my buds like the dispensary, therefore I end up smoking most of what would make good hash .. hmmmmm Have a 5 bag system for sale Peace
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    puff puff pass

    Thank you Rosebud, Hamster, Sweet, Burnin1 Looking forward to the future .. Happy Growing
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    puff puff pass

    Hey sweet .. yup, old grower here from GCF Buy the book, you look at it everyday
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    puff puff pass

    Hey all .. OG1 here, thanks to Giggy .. Thanks Giggy So OG stands for old guy or old grower .. grew outdoors for years on and off .. growing indoors now the last year and a half with 3 successful crops Used nutes at first, GeneralOrganics Gobox .. Now I feed the soil and just add water after...