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    Crockett's Haze

    Bringing old threads but was searching for more info about Crockett’s haze as my first one is coming down next week and is looking and smelling amazing. Way smaller than I thought as it only stretches 2x. Looking forward to sample nugs for sure
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    This mindset is why our genetics pool is in danger I would give half of my seedbank to get my hands on some of these gems. While I grow and love poly weed, until you can smoke someone out on a long flowering heirloom/landrace, or better yet a few of them to...
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    Basement grow

    I’ve got my popcorn, off to a great start!
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    2 x 4 tent LED?

    Oh, and whatever you get make sure it has a dimmable driver, LEDs are serious and full blast can be rough on lil ones
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    2 x 4 tent LED?

    I think you are ok budget wise, not sure if your time line but you could also plan on doing two lights, pick one up now and block off half the tent while they get bigger and grab the second on a Black Friday deal in time to open the other two feet. I like HLG/Marshydro/Spider
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    Oldbay’s Perpetual Grow Circus Tent

    Hey @Cannagrammy - It’s the Asian beauty pollen (basically Vietnamese Black) - some on the same and some on the others in flower currently. Starting to see some brown pistols now. Running long flowering sativas makes for a fairly slow thread but very happy to have you along!
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    Oldbay’s Perpetual Grow Circus Tent

    Arts and Crafts day
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    My new perpetual grow

    I’ve got my popcorn as well, haven’t had Casey but I’ve heard nothing but good things
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    Oldbay’s Perpetual Grow Circus Tent

    That VB looks great, I’m super curious to see how this run goes. I’ve got some Puna Voice (golden voice dom) that may be getting popped today as well as a Mekong high that may be interesting but I don’t have room for both right now.
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    Oldbay’s Perpetual Grow Circus Tent

    I may have overcompensated for the stretch but we’ll see. Lots of flowering time left. 10 day veg, topped twice and sunk low in the pot when transplanted. All cloned and bottoms cleaned up
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    Hi ya'll! Tattered Old Graywolf checking in!

    Welcome Graywolf!
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    rmb in da house

    Good to see you Rocky! Welcome
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    Second Chances

    Looking good - can’t wait to see how they do for you