May 12, 2014
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    1. elliek
      Does anyone have the name of the 100% complete cannabis grow soil
      1. oldfogey8
        I don’t think there is such a thing as soil for a 100% complete cannabis grow. Different strains and phenotypes of those strains have different nutritional needs. Growing isn’t something you just set and forget. It is work and sometimes challenging. I use Roots Organics Green Lite. Good drainage. Good starting media with some of what the plants need.
        Oct 13, 2019
    2. AluminumMonster
      It took me almost 2 years to stop changing things in my grow lol. I tried 3 different nute lines in my first year of growing. Talk about some epic failures back then.
    3. oldfogey8
      thanks a.m. hope the migraines stay away. i get them myself from time to time and they suck.

      i have never gotten vary much stretch at all in my three grows, even with the sativa heavy thai. i am not positive but i have read that the 10000 kelvin bulbs can make plants more compact. since i have not tried using 6500 kelvin bulbs to compare, i don't have a good frame of reference.

      i have all kinds of thoughts of changing this or that but i will probably do as you recommend and go with what i know.
    4. AluminumMonster
      Hey bud, sorry I didn't respond sooner. I woke up with a massive migraine yesterday and couldn't really function.

      The Buckeye strains are mostly indica so they veg slowly. With a scrog setup I would recommend vegging until the screen is full. The BePs barely stretch at all when you flip so don't expect the screen to fill in because you flipped. If you already have the scrog setup and you have used it before, I would suggest you stick with that grow method. One thing I have learned is to stick with the same setup until you're proficient with that setup. If you keep changing things all the time you will never get one method dialed in. I also think the scrog will help you get the most yield from your lighting.

      If you have any more questions feel free to hit me up bud. Hope I helped! A.M.
    5. AluminumMonster
      I believe she sent the Buckeye Purple, Dead North, Frosty Buckeye, and one of her 89' NL5 crosses.
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