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    thanks hopefully making the trip to our neighbors to the north this weekend i will definitly try to go to quebec seed bank
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    thanks i guess i cant just put a cutting straight out into mother natures hands, how many nodes until a plant will be strong enough?
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    I was planing on going to montreal and finding a seed shop there i was wondering if anyone knows if there is a seed shop in montreal
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    im planning on starting some 20 odd plants inside and then cloning the females i get from that and planing the clones outside 2 questions 1. can i put a cutting outside rite away 2. are there are strains that will thrive starting insed then going out?
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    Cheap and Easy way to eat weed

    i have made these many a times i make 4 g's on 4 crackers with skippy and i get high as a kite, im a heaver smoker but when i eat these crackers, what i like to call "fire crackers" i have felt almost in a trippping state a mans face melted
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    new from central NJ

    im from central jersey and buying pot sucks *** around here:tokie:
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    yellowing bottom leaves

    :confused: i have a plant outdoors that i planted on 4 20 its about 3 feet now and the bottom leaves are starting to turn yellow and shrink, what is causing this?
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    Coffee machine?

    u can make finger hash using a cofee grinder if thats what he told you its true, ive done it
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    Please enlighten me,

    sorry i was a little too high when i typed that yesterday, i didnt mean to say newb or anything i was just trying to defend the weed ive grown to love
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    Homemade hash ice pipe!!!

    where would you put the weed in ur pipe put up a pic please?
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    Please enlighten me,

    that crazy guy just said east coast tree was bad obviously he has never had pif or sour diesel, or widow newb
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    thanks gg i have room for around 20 plants so it seems like it wouldnt be a bad idea to plant that many
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    well i have 4 plants outside rite now and planning on putting more out there i want to end the season with over 3 pounds and im wondering how this is possible, how many female plants would this take?
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    Hard Buds

    does outside grow nice thick buds?
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    me and my buddy have around 20 or so plants in grow discs and the plants are like 3 inches, i wanna know how i could make a hydro ponic system to support 20 plants going thru the sog method