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    In terms of flavour "Fast Versions" of my favourite strains are not the same

    I'm not a breeder by any means and this is not a trolling session but I do know what I like when it comes to my herb and more importantly I can smell , see and taste the difference between the fast and photoperiod genetics. My feeling is that with THC levels hitting their theoretical maximum...
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    Migraine: Effective MJ for Migraine Headaches

    from personal experience i found "Jack el frutero" was very good for headaches that bring nausea with them such as migraine , canna butter extraction half a tea spoon in a hot drink and 20 mins later i would start to feel it working and once it got rid of the nausea the pain doesn't seem so...
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    Cloning assistance Please 😊

    can i volunteer my grumpy mrs ? a very long trip if poss pls
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    Hello everyone !

    Hello ness2 , I'm growing feminized photoperiod Gelato 41 I think and amnesia mac g. I'm not sure because I am the worlds worst labeller , I grow i coir with a wilma system
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    Hello everyone !

    thanks :)
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    Hello everyone !

    I just wanted to announce my arrival , and say hi to all the lovely like minded hobbyists and farmers and all the light and bright ones x