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    The best part of growing your own is?

    It's better than anything I could buy.
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    Lions cannabis seeds Lowryder/BlueBerry

    I don't know anyone who has used Lions before. Reeferman is a pleasure to deal with......
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    NL veg?

    I usually veg NL for 6-7 weeks. Makes for about 4 onces each if I do 4-6 plants. Just make sure you grow'em as big as you can accomodate. Wouldn't want any wasted space now. :ccc:
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    Thank you, sir. If you're ever in Chicagoland........well, you know.:D
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    TS- I just re-read your post. Sorry, man, I've been hitting the bong with some Super Silver Haze in it for the last couple of hours-lol. I use 1000w HPS, pole fan, and tunes in roughly a 10X10 area. Soil is Fox Farm ammended with bat guano, limestone and perlite. Nutes are all organic- bat...
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    Thanks, man. It's a great strain. TS- I use 5 and 6 gallon containers. Thanks. Here are some drying/curing shots.
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    The most expensive strain in US

    $20.00 per gram gets you high-octane, home-grown organic around these parts.
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    sensi star

    Looking good, man. That SS will do the job nicely. :D
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    Zarnon takes aim at a fall and winter grow

    Getting your hands dirty in the soil, eh? I salute you. :peace: Lookin' good, buddy. Rock on! :D
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    Northern lights

    Very nice, SB. I just finished another batch of NL also. What seedbank are yours from?
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    I battled fungus gnats myself about a year ago. I used Gnatrol in the soil for the larvae, Bon-Neem spray, pest strips and also layered the top of my soil with perlite. The adults won't burrow into it like they will with soil to lay eggs. The whole thing should take 2-3 weeks as there's a...
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    Nebula and Northern Lights by RedandWhite

    Thanks, Riz.......
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    Plant music

    Classic rock station plays to my ladies 24/7.
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    As long as the amount of time it takes for them to droop increases, you'll be good. I've had some strains take up to 3 weeks, but usually their done within 2.