1. The July Children, photo by JGVermont1965
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Jan 2, 2010
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Organic dirt farmer, Female

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    1. drcree
      hey rose, do you have anything advice about eating buds as opposed to smoking them? i assumed it to quite a bit more to achieve the same effect but wasn't sure how much.
    2. DutchPrincess
      I replied to your message
    3. GROBOT
      Hey Rosebud,, just wanted to say hi!! I'll be lurking for awhile learning new techniqes etc.Just can't ever stop learning!! You might remember me better as SKAGITMAGIC,.
      1. Rosebud
        Grobot, so great to see you. Welcome home!
        Nov 6, 2018
    4. Rayray69
      Hey guys I'm a new indoor grower having a lot of trouble with my leafs r turning yeallow from the stim out and brown and yeallow all over manly on the new growth I have pictured but dont know how to upload them on here
    5. ness
      Rose I don't know if this is private or not. Everything is going wrong with my email situation. I'm about ready to send this computer back. Window's 10 HP. Or play a Keef and take it out in the back yaad and shoot it along with my cell phone. Can't fine my way to other sites, either
    6. ness
      Can you please email me at aquarius2@outlook.com. I need to talk to you. Thank you, ness
    7. ness
      Hello Rose I was wondering if you could help me out.
    8. Alasgun
      Nice place Rose, thanks for the earlier welcome. Looking forward to getting to know some of the folks!
      1. Rosebud likes this.
    9. sratus
      This looks like the old planet skunk forum with Lady
      1. Rosebud
        I sure wish I was as you were so nice about her. No. this is the only site i have ever moderated. I am glad you are here though. Welcome.
        Jun 1, 2018
    10. bugs
      Rose~~ Don't know if you remember me from years ago. Is there a way to PM you? Please advise. bugs :0)
      1. Rosebud
        Hi Bugs, see the envelope at the top right screen, that is the PM's.
        May 9, 2018
    11. Hamster Lewis
      Hamster Lewis
      Thanks Rose. Doesn't look good with all the voter suppression tactics going on. Still holding out hope.
    12. Hushpuppy
      Thank you. I posted up the beginning of the tutorial for beginner growers in the admin section for everyone to comment on, if you haven't seen it yet, I would like your input :)
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    13. Hushpuppy
      Hey Rosebud You are welcome. I hope I gave him good helpful information. You can call on me any time :)
    14. powerplanter
      Hey Rosebud, How are you doing today? I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I got a quick question. You were saying how you can flip to flower sooner with LED's, and I was just wondering about how tall yours get before you flip. I'm thinking about trying to get my bigger ones to show some preflowers. I'll put them in a closet and try to let the smaller ones catch up. I'm gonna through up some pics later. My biggest plant is about 12 inches or so. Take care Rose, talk to ya later... :)
    15. dekgib
      Hello Rosebud
    16. AluminumMonster
      Hi Rose! Check your pm's at the other place please:)
    17. powerplanter
      Good morning Rose. Well, they seem to be growing again at least. Some of them are still quite yellow. Mostly the Bourbon Street. The Gravedigger doesn't seem to be affected as much. I cut two of them out cause they weren't looking very good at all. So now I'm down to seven. I only wanted between four and six girls anyway. I don't think the light will handle more than that. I am hesitant to take pics. with my cell phone and am still looking for my wife's camera. I'll try to find that today and get some pics. for ya. I would like to have someone who has had more than three grows under their belt take a look see. lol I'll get back to ya later Rosebud. Have a great day!!!!
    18. powerplanter
      Well, I transplanted them. There were no roots hardly at all. I can't figure out what was wrong, other than maybe the light was to far away. The roots that they did have were kinda grey looking. Maybe they couldn't dry out in those solo cups?. I don't know. Anyway, they are transplanted and we'll see how it goes. I hope they don't die on me. I'd hate to have to start over. I need my meds.!! I guess it wouldn't be so bad starting over. I'd have some Nurse Larry to throw in the mix. lol
    19. powerplanter
      Hey Rose, I was wondering, how long do you keep your seedlings in solo cups? Or do you use solo cups? Mine have been above ground for about two weeks now but seem to be growing very slowly. That Light Warrior soil is way to hot for seedlings. Not sure if they are stunted or what. I was thinking about transplanting them into their gallon pots, but I'm afraid the Ocean Forest will be to hot also. What do you think. I can't find the camera, might have to use my cell phone to get some pics. Hope your doing well. Is your harvest over with? Looks like you got plenty. Take care Rose... :)
    20. powerplanter
      I know what you mean about the garden hose. I kept squirting and squirting, it seemed to take forever to get them wet enough. That could of been it Rose. They do seem to be perking up a bit. I was just worried, not knowing too much about led's. Thanks Rose, I'll let you know how their doing. I'm going to try and get some pics. tomorrow. Take care.... :)
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