Jan 2, 2010
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SS4413 What is your question and I will suggest where you post it. Feb 13, 2020

    1. Hushpuppy
      Hey Rosebud You are welcome. I hope I gave him good helpful information. You can call on me any time :)
    2. powerplanter
      Hey Rosebud, How are you doing today? I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I got a quick question. You were saying how you can flip to flower sooner with LED's, and I was just wondering about how tall yours get before you flip. I'm thinking about trying to get my bigger ones to show some preflowers. I'll put them in a closet and try to let the smaller ones catch up. I'm gonna through up some pics later. My biggest plant is about 12 inches or so. Take care Rose, talk to ya later... :)
    3. dekgib
      Hello Rosebud
    4. AluminumMonster
      Hi Rose! Check your pm's at the other place please:)
    5. powerplanter
      Good morning Rose. Well, they seem to be growing again at least. Some of them are still quite yellow. Mostly the Bourbon Street. The Gravedigger doesn't seem to be affected as much. I cut two of them out cause they weren't looking very good at all. So now I'm down to seven. I only wanted between four and six girls anyway. I don't think the light will handle more than that. I am hesitant to take pics. with my cell phone and am still looking for my wife's camera. I'll try to find that today and get some pics. for ya. I would like to have someone who has had more than three grows under their belt take a look see. lol I'll get back to ya later Rosebud. Have a great day!!!!
    6. powerplanter
      Well, I transplanted them. There were no roots hardly at all. I can't figure out what was wrong, other than maybe the light was to far away. The roots that they did have were kinda grey looking. Maybe they couldn't dry out in those solo cups?. I don't know. Anyway, they are transplanted and we'll see how it goes. I hope they don't die on me. I'd hate to have to start over. I need my meds.!! I guess it wouldn't be so bad starting over. I'd have some Nurse Larry to throw in the mix. lol
    7. powerplanter
      Hey Rose, I was wondering, how long do you keep your seedlings in solo cups? Or do you use solo cups? Mine have been above ground for about two weeks now but seem to be growing very slowly. That Light Warrior soil is way to hot for seedlings. Not sure if they are stunted or what. I was thinking about transplanting them into their gallon pots, but I'm afraid the Ocean Forest will be to hot also. What do you think. I can't find the camera, might have to use my cell phone to get some pics. Hope your doing well. Is your harvest over with? Looks like you got plenty. Take care Rose... :)
    8. powerplanter
      I know what you mean about the garden hose. I kept squirting and squirting, it seemed to take forever to get them wet enough. That could of been it Rose. They do seem to be perking up a bit. I was just worried, not knowing too much about led's. Thanks Rose, I'll let you know how their doing. I'm going to try and get some pics. tomorrow. Take care.... :)
    9. powerplanter
      hey Rose, i got a question for seedlings came out and were doing well, nice and green, but started to get yellowing on the leaves. at first i thought the light was to close, i had it at about 10 or 12 inches. ive moved it three times now, also watered them, the soil was a little dry. now the light is about 30 inches or so away. but now the tips of the seedlings are starting to brown and dry out. which makes me think the soil is to hot. their in ff light warrior. have you used that before? i know pics. would help and ill try to get some but prob. not till tomorrow. any way not all of them are doing what i just described, only three or four are really noticeable. of the others some have a little yellowing but very little compared to the three or four. thanks for the help... :)
    10. powerplanter
      Hey Rosebud. How are you doing today? I was just wondering, I keep hearing people thanking you for the Nurse Larry. Is that a cross of yours? Thats pretty cool if it is. I was just curious. I hope you have a great weekend!! Take care Rose... :)
    11. powerplanter
      hey Rose, i just ordered my light and was wondering how long it took you to get yours? can't wait to get it going.
    12. Kindbud
      Check out that hash I made its killer :48: in the grow journal sunset pic too peace
    13. Keef
      Nurse Larry is a beautiful plant !-- U did good !--I'm jealous though !-- Do U still have Medicine Woman ? Those pics make it very hard not to break a rule !-- I will contain myself and be a good boy !-- The Nurse Larry Group did a good job on that group grow ! Need a project to bring our groups together ! Half of U are practically O.F.C members already !-- I will not out the members of your tribe to my people !-- not my decision to make ! I could use your help to find a way to cement my peeps together !- just so U know there will be maybe 6 more come over to M.P. from 420 !-- Hope U don't mind ! We cleaned out their Over Fifty Club !-- Old Farts are not limited by age !
    14. trillions of atoms
      trillions of atoms
      Thank you for the rep rose. It's good to see you too! :D
    15. Vizio
    16. buddogmutt
    17. vostok
      Hi Rosebud
      Is there a blog or Journal section here on this site for members..?
    18. Vizio
      Just a quick question: Are you the owner of "Rosebud" magazine? Have a good day brother.
    19. lovbnstoned
      thanks for the info,, n hope that everything well for U n family
    20. lovbnstoned
      having trouble getting back to Marijuana culture,, don't know what it is ,, i just can't get to it
      can U help me

      thanks 4 ur help
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