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    Little Black Dots?

    Dman, no not really. i l stepped down a month or so ago. So good to see you. There is another site that some of the peeps are at. PM me if you want to know. I check in... it is weird i was here ten years and in a month its all gone... life goes on. We are well, as i hope you are.
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    Plants dying .

    What is on the underside of the leaves?
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    Hello I'm new here.

    Welcome ECMarley!
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    Welcome, looking yummy up there.
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    Little Black Dots?

    Bug p o o p? Rinse off with water.
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    Young plant problem

    Sounds like you found your answer. The soil. Repot. Good luck.
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    First grow outdoors

    It doesn't look good it looks beautiful!! she looks happy too. Welcome to MP. Glad you found us.
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    Question about chef's super soil

    I still use it too, it is the best. Good to see you NC.
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    a little help

    I hate neem oil in case anyone wondered. I think your plants will be fine. They look nice.
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    How much longer y'all think?

    Looking good there. Love the strain.
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    Is manure a good soil?

    I tried to write cow p o o p, but i guess that is a swear word., ok feces it is.
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    Is manure a good soil?

    This is a stupid post, but put up with me please. My dad had the best manure.. LOL, In the corral on his farm. I used to bring bags home for my roses. I kept one bag for 10 years and finally put it in the pot garden. Who is sentimental about cow feces ? me me me. He had the best your know what. lol
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    Garden of Green grow

    Just beautiful! I haven't had an indoor look like that in a long time. So lovely. I would like to sit a spell.
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    Seeds pop, but won't sprout

    No hermi seeds will not be feminized.
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    Is manure a good soil?

    I would not recommend growing in it, but a layer on top of your soil would be nice.