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    i think all my plants are dead!

    thanks. i misted them like you said and they're in a shady corner of my terrace. i'm just going to say a little prayer and hope that at least a couple of them survive. who knows man, miracles happen. i'm so pissed though.
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    i think all my plants are dead!

    no man don't say that!
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    i think all my plants are dead!

    I went away for 7 days and bought these water dripper things that advertised that you could leave your plants for up to 10 days unattended. Anyhow they didn't work and I think the heat killed all my plants. The leaves are still green but feel 'crisp' and they're drooping. Does anyone think my...
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    adopting a dog

    I'm really torn about a decision everyone. My friend found a dog in the street, he was beat up and not looking good, and his hipbone is broken. She's taking care of him for the time being but already has a dog. I've always thought about getting a dog but since I travel and live so carefree...
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    most ghetto attempt at a grow, ever.

    Hey everyone what's up. I've been around lurking, but have been avoiding this page cause I'm working at a company where the IT guys might be following my path on the internet. The babies are still outside. 3 died but 5 are growing fine with a couple of tightly spaced nodes. I don't think I'm...
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    Trance music

    dub reggae, drum and bass. old school hip hop & house. that's some good music for blazin.
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    Need pics of HPS light with external ballast

    thanks man. that'll definitely help me out.
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    Need pics of HPS light with external ballast

    Everyone, I got good news. I found a light shop off an alleyway where I live. The guy who runs it unlike the others understood exactly what I need in terms of HID and is willing to build me an HPS. I saw the catalogue and picked out a 150 watt bulb. Now, what I need is a pic of an HPS light...
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    most ghetto attempt at a grow, ever.

    ok they've been ouside a couple weeks, in the corner of my balcony growing in the shade. the temps have been varying from day to night at about 5oC all the way to 15oC. There's two nodes, and their not spaced far, maybe a half inch. They're also really green, and their stems look healthy...
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    milk for calcium

    milk generally doesn't even give proper calcium to humans, at least according to this site:
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    too cold

    while i can't answer about their survival in the cold, i suggest you put them in the garage for the first few time when you bring them in at night - do this for a week then the following week put them in the house. it's so much shock to a plant to have a drastic change of temp that way. my...
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    most ghetto attempt at a grow, ever.

    true that, in their current setup outside in the cold i could probably expect a couple joint by next sept. but i am planning on putting them under a proper setup next month. i wonder though, if all this stress will produce male plants. in any event i'm going to take a trip to amsterdam in...
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    If you lose your cell phone Read

    thanks a lot for the tip.
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    most ghetto attempt at a grow, ever.

    hey everyone, its day 20-something or other. the babies have been outside and they still look like babies. i'm noticing that the pointed leaves are detaching from the rounded leaves on a couple - is that normal?
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    What Are Hermies?????