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    Tall Stalky and Weak

    I have used the water method, and it worked fine. I have used the rooting powder and it worked. I have used the rock wool and it is great. Are u sure how to make a cutting right? I leave one or two sets of leaves on and one nodule. Nodule has to be covered with water or rooting powder...
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    High Everyone!

    Hi there Elephant Man, Welcome to the Group, Sorry to hear about what happened to your mom, but am glad you are here. Sit back and enjoy Scoobylyn
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    Htmq Prices

    Oh yeah these are Midwestern Ontario prices. Where the heck did I leave that brain anyway??? Scoobs
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    Htmq Prices

    da sshwag breakdown around here is like this-- high season--40 for a half quarter--60 to 70 a quarter--120 for a half and 200 for oz--6 to 800 for a qp--2400 a p low season--30 for a half quarter--50 a quarter--100 for a half and 150 for oz--4 to 5 for a qp--1800 a p At least thats what I...
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    Growing outdoors??

    I know my girls are going to start flowering soon and want to know what kind of fertilizer on them. Right now i am using a standard 20-20-20 The Scoobs
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    Venilation System-Is this a good idea???

    Hi Fellow Gardeners, Trying to get a ventilation system going here, but have a few problems with running out the furnace pipe. So I am considering this instead. For the air intake system use pvc pipe and run it to a window and put a dryer vent on the outside as the disguise. For the vent...
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    Need Ventilation Advice for New Room

    I only have one ground fault plug in this room. do the boxes have to be wired in. is it dangerous for it to be vented thru the furnace. can i run it all from a power bar and install a smoke detector and monoxide detector. The scoob
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    Plant is yellowing

    Actually switched the nutrient to something plant prod it is a 20-20-20 mix that an old timer gave me .plants are looking much better, lots of rain and cleared more space scooby
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    sea of green

    the main light is a 400w with a 430 songrow bulb in it Scooby
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    sea of green

    yes i was thinking of moving them twice.Put them in a dark space and then move back. i cant afford another light. might be able to get ahold of a small 150 scooby
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    sea of green

    Hi tokers, is it possible to grow a sea of green under one light. can i just take the flowers after 12 hours and let the seedlings in for 18. also i have a 400 right now, would a 600 be better. lynda
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    marijauna emergency

    i transplanted two of the clones that came back. a couple more look like they may come back. help thanks lyn
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    marijauna emergency

    help, i had a medical emergency and had to be away from my garden. while i was gone my clones dried out. i watered as soon as i got home. only one came back nicely. the rest are still wilted looking. is there any way that i can save them. they were dry over night. can i cut them off and restick...
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    Just a comment and maybe a question

    I have been smokin pot for many years. It helped me off anti depressants and pain killers. Three years ago I got cancer and the pot really helped then. I keep a small indoor garden and guerilla outside somewhere. All the doctors know I smoke pot(they ask I use a vaporizer or eat it). I would...
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    Need Ventilation Advice for New Room

    I have just built a new room. It is about 4x6. The walls and ceilings are painted flat white. The light I am using is a 430 watt sun agro bulb. I need to know the easiest way to ventilate this room. Some people suggest using the furnace as an exhaust. I have no idea how to do it the easiest and...