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    harvesting q?

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    quick sexing question

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    here we go.first grow 2013

    I got everything around a hundred bucks or so.most of the money whent into the lights.i get my soil from walmart.ten bucks for 2 yards.
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    here we go.first grow 2013

    hey guys sorry its been a min since I posted.babys a are doing good 14 days in.i lost the cotton candy baby,not sure what happened but all well life goes on.yes all the lights are daisy chained together.the idea came to me at home depot when I was looking at the plumbing to fix my kitchen...
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    my first grow

    sounds like you have autoflowering plants.wich means you dont have to change the lights to 12/ keep the lights on 18/6 thru the whole you have female seeds?
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    here we go.first grow 2013

    Hey guys.well i now have 3 later today
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    here we go.first grow 2013

    hey guys hows it goin.yes sin its been awhile,i was on probation for the last 5 years so i havent done any is my last day whooo fukn light setup cost me $80.they do all light up,rite now i just put the seeds in the soil and waiting for them to pop up and i dont need all the...
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    First Grow

    do you have a fan on them?if not get one on them.the fan will make them strong enough to stand on there own
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    here we go.first grow 2013

    well here we go.i have 1 superhash 1cotton candy and 1 caramelo.seeds germed in 3 days and got them in pots.ill post pics to keep everybody updated.i took some today of the pots and my veg setup of my homemade flourescent light setup
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    CO2 Generators

    well i cant find the pics of my setup bummer.not really sure of the difference cause i have only used my homemade cost me like 25 bucks to make it.compared to hundreds for the real stuff.there definitly was a difference when i used the homemade setup.just one thing,i changed my water...
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    CO2 Generators

    not really much as yields.the plants really like the can see the difference in a few days.they get really green and grow much faster with the co2.when if flowering the buds look room is 4'x4'x8'.and the setup i did worked will have to figure out your square
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    CO2 Generators

    i made my own co2 with a 5 gallon bucket yeast sugar.hooked up a bubbler from my fish tank to it.and ran an air line to the top of my plants.hooked that up to a 18inch air stone.had everything on timers so the fans turned off and the bubbler turned on.the bubbler caused pressure to build up in...
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    Venting outside issue

    i grew some super skunk in my backyard one during flower them suckers smeld so bad.i had 9 of them back there,friends came over and said wow where did the skunk spray.i wont grow skunk anymore indoors or out
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    has anyone grown these strains

    it sounds like a a good plant,thx im glad to be back.i will start a grow journal soon.