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    slow growth and salty residue

    Im on week 2 with 2 white widow seedlings that are planted in a waterfarm. They sprouted super quick and I put them on 24hrs light(400w hps), 85 degrees or lower temp, with 24 hrs watering(bottled spring water, no nutes). The PH kept hanging around 6.2 and going up from there so I kept adding...
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    Waterfarm question

    i know its a day late, but 2 gallons....the thing to do is mix your nutes in gallon water jugs before pouring it into the res.....this way you get a consistent mix
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    Amsterdam Info please

    Ive been there twice and aside from coffee shops there is a ton to do during the day. the night life there is slow, I really dont know of anything besides coffee shops that is really hopping at night, theres a shopping strip down one of the canals. During the day, I also suggest renting a...
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    Rapid increase in pH levels

    I think its a trait characteristic with hydro. Not 100% sure but Ive grown quite a few hydro grows and Ive noticed this too. Maybe theres a deeper meaning and a way to counter it, but im pretty sure it all has to do with the constantly changing nutrient needs/absorption rates are what change...
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    soil plant growing faster then hydro

    I think you'll come to love the waterfarm. Ive been using them for a year and a half now and I think they are the greatest thing(for beginners, and yes i realize a grower with experience under their belt can build their own system). I would advise you not to use ANY nutes until you see...
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    enuf is enuf

    all personal opinions aside...Im pretty sure talk of overthrowing the government isnt allowed in here....hope im not out of place, im not a mod or anything.....
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    Hydroponic Top Dripper Question

    Im going to say something contrary to most posts on this thread, but before doing that I will say that everyone has their own methods that they find to be most effective and its our job as MP constituents to voice experiences and opinions. That having been said: Ive grown many grows now in a...
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    Can You Feel Effects From Smoking A Fan Leaf?

    If i were you I would take all of the male leaves, sautee them in either butter or cooking oil at a low heat. You want the cooking medium to turn as dark as possible, so low heat sautee may take a while.....the darker the better. Next you can use this to make brownies or something sweet. I...
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    bad lowryder 2 from Doc?

    I did all the research and tried growing a handful of different ways. I used fox farm soil with everything from no nutes/ distilled or purified water to medium nutes.....each time was a disappointment......not necessarily blaming the strain....but i think that its reputation for being a...
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    finest drummer around

    Neil Peart - Rush
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    What are some of the best songs to listen to while your stoned?

    some good mentions already....... Heres a couple more off the top of my head... 1.Radiohead-OK computer from start to finish(best with headphones or super high quality loud speakers) 2.anything by the flaming lips
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    Need feminized Lowryder2 seeds

    I really dont see this as one of those "flame" threads. I just feel like anyone looking to invest that kind of money at least deserves a word of caution.
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    Need feminized Lowryder2 seeds

    I would save my money if I were you. Im sure a lot of people will disagree with me and I am very well aware that more than a few people have grown successful lowryder 2's. Its just been my experience that they were nothing more than an overpriced pain with poor yields. Ive got tons of...
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    Need Weed...cut And Smoke?

    heres what I do when I find myself in your shoes......i take fan leaves, then i put them in between two layers of paper towels and I put them in the microwave for <10 seconds. When you hear a crackling noise they've been in too long, its better to zap them for 3 or 4 durations of 4 seconds...