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    what kind of led grow lights are you using now?

    I lover mars sp250, but their tsl2000 is so similars with 250, I have heard someone said that the tsl2000 performs better than 250 at flowering, on another forum, lol. Does anyone use their tsl2000?
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    Lights for 5x5 coverage

    Black Friday, my money went to Mars Hydro, the 15% off so attractive, can't control myself, shipping crazy
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    Lights for 5x5 coverage

    I run with SP250 also, their work awesome! I don't mind If they could do more far-red light on it, lol
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    Mars II 400

    Hey, Mart17 still here? So curious if your mars II 400s are still working, 4 years, lol
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    10 Plants / 6 Strains / 2 Lights / 1 Closet

    Why not try the popular white color LEDs on the market? I think they do better than burple lights?
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    what kind of led grow lights are you using now?

    Also, Do you dudes use mars TSL2000? How's it work? When I decided to buy my first LEDs for my 4x4 tent, I hesitated between TSL2000 and SP250, finally attracted by SP250 MeanWell. Really want to know which one is more worthwhile.
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    what kind of led grow lights are you using now?

    Their chips are different, spider farmer uses the Samsung LEDs, sp250 just uses the epistar. I also use Mars Hydro SP250, they run well with my girls.
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    First time grow. What to expect as yield

    What is the temperature and humidity in your grow space?
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    Complete noob; Creating a grow Space

    yeah, for 2x4 tent, the sp250 is the best choice
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    Complete noob; Creating a grow Space

    If 36''x36'' tent, I recommend you mars hydro tsw2000, but it will over your budget, you need more light to cover your area. I have a 48''x48'' area, and I use their sp250x2, perfect match. click here:
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    King LED 1200W LED full spectrum Veg and flower

    In the market, most lights turn to one switch, no veg and bloom more, it's the tendency. They claim that the LEDs are full spectrum for the plants growing at every stage.
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    LED or HID?

    you can contact them buy the cord, i buy two cord when i take the order, how wise me ;)
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    LED or HID?

    Yeah, most companies do this, also in the Alibaba, this is their trick, so many people got sucked, there are no fools again now. But there are still have some companies that state the actual power, like Californialightworks, Black dog, Mars hydro. The LED has its strengths, it doesn't need to...
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    Indoor Lights

    yeah, it seems that that is their most hot and cost-effective old light on the market, but I'd love to try the new things, the tendency;)
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    Hey guys and gals.... I'm back... Getting the itch

    people left, people come...anyway welcome back, looking forward to your growing