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    need help with plant

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    early start grow

    :holysheep: Damn Tc i come back and you have a jungle going :eek: lol wow do the ladies look great:hubba: need any help trimming them lol. well great job im gonna stick around and see what the secret is lol
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    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    True had one all day lol. boy i cant wait for the kids to go back to school 2 more days here lol TPBM- wont have to hide to smoke during the day soon lol
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    Blazed? High? Stoned? Sign In Here...!!!

    Me 4 :eek: and in 16 min it will be 420
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    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    False lol i did last night still hung over:rolleyes: TPBM- is going on vacation soon
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    what syatem to buy??

    i would say that they are right dwc is the way to go if you want easy. good luck with what ever you decide to go with but i must say i have done a side by side with soil and hydro and there really isn't any difference in the smoke at all to me:rolleyes: maybe if you do decide to try the hydro...
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    Northern lights 5 weeks into flowering

    :holysheep: Awesome job for your first time looks like you did some research before you started lol or you just had the green thumb from the get go great job them buds look great:hubba: what strain do you have going?? good luck peace
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    do it your self DWC cloner

    looks great bro and prety simple thanks for the tip now where are the clones lol
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    The Person Below Me (Off topic game)

    False im drinking vodka :D TPBM is getting ready to go out to night woohoo party time lol:D
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    BBB and Nirvana Seeds Presents: Northern Light, Blue Mystic and Snow White grow

    mmm now thats some nice sticky budz u got there........:D looking great bro grow on peace
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    little white bugs

    search on this site for ways to get rid of them there have been alot of peeps that have had this problem at least this way u can see for your self what treatment would work best for u. i have had mites before and it sux i lost 2 sweet grows over them pest good luck with the battle peace
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    hey bbb hows it going bro damn them stoney buds are looking great i just finished somking a half pound of that stoney bud man does it have a nice high and mmmm does it taste so good lol i also have some seeds i made of it to cary on woohoo couldnt run out of them stoney bud seeds lol plants are...
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    2nd Grow---Northern Lights--Fast Blast--Diesel Ryder

    good luck with the grow:hubba: . By the looks of everything all is going great so far:D I will be pulling a chair up for his one thats if you dont mind:p
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    Help!! White crawling bugs on my 8 ladies!!

    sounds like you might have spider mites did you notice any webs on the plants? I would look up spider mites on here there are lots of posts on how to treat them I myself lost a whole grow over them damn pests good luck on your battle
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    Im Back Stronger Than Ever Lol

    hey peeps whats up? Been long time sense i been around had some things to handle in my own life and i also had no net to keep in touch but im back again and hopefully to stay woot woot.:hubba: Im working on the new grow room now cant wait to list the goodies:D i will be growing this time...