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    Mutt's NL

    This is my faviort strain by far! Nirvana's NL's has been apart of my garden profile for a few years now. This is the strongest quality smoke I have yet to have. NYCD being my 2nd faviort but the NYCD, as strong as it is can not touch the mind numbing effects the NL's offers. Not a great taste...
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    What type is the best?

    Ideal temps for growing hydro is 74 give or take just slightly. From my experience pH always depends on strain. I like to keep the pH arount 7.0 to start then drop it to 6.5 after 2 weeks then durring veg 6.5 to 6.2. pH for flowering should be around 6.0 to 5.5
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    What type is the best?

    NFT is a great way to grow plants. The 4" net pots will be be fine. They will handle the size plants you will be growing. I do not recomend using rock wool for anything, stick with the grow rocks. If you wonted to try growing with out the net pots in a medium like rock wool I would recomed using...
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    Strain, size, age of plant, feeding/watering, soil, waether, insects ect. and lighting all play a vital roll in plant health & yeild. If you grow larger plants of a quality strain that yeilds well and was vegged for a good amount of time w/ propper feeding ect. you can get 1 lbs and more off...
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    What type is the best?

    All cannabis strains from seed or clone can be grown hydroponicly.
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    smuggling through airports

    My advice is "Don't do it" Take some extra cash..50 or 100 euro. In your wallet; the cash and when you get their buy some. Dont risk trying to take your own.
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    Bro wants to make a profile Help!!

    I'd recomend Hush Mail , it's a Free & SSL Secure E-mail service.
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    (4) White Widow clones

    Nice man, Nirvana does not have many great strains but their WW is surely on of the best. I also have grown Nirvanas NL's & Papaya and also found them to be of quality, others from Nirvana were less then desirable. I dig the WW, maybe my 3rd or 4th favored strain I have grown/smoked. Strong...
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    Making Hash using ice and water!

    No need to let them thaw out. Streight from the freezer to the jar or a bowl to cut them up if needed. I love using Ice to make hash but I have been using ISO more often these day's.
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    (4) White Widow clones

    Just wondering as to what or where the WW came from? I have grown Nirvana Seeds WW for years and really enjoyed it how ever I have seen and had several WW strains from various breeders that were not worth while at all. Looking good though, health and good size plants. I hope you enjoy..
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    how to make a good mother??

    This is not what I'd recommend due to price but it will surely give a guide. Build your own w/ wood, Refrigs, dressers what have you as it will save you on money but this is the idea, Google it or check this and other forums for ideas and diagrams...
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    Mixing fertilizers?

    Yes, you can mix them together. In fact adding organic & organic additives will help aid your plants in their life with fighting pests and nutrient/water up take among other plant problems.
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    New to the forum &..

    Hello Stoney Bud, I run a preputial harvest so I pretty much always have plants growing. Seeds, clones, moms, veg, flower stages are usually all in full swing. Last grow, hehe just pulled down some NYCD (Soma) and one of my own crosses just about 5 mins ago well 15 with some trim time :)...
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    huge plat no buds

    man unless you know how it feels...last year I lost about 30 plants in 3 out door crops.That hurt :mad:
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    Enjoy, it's a strain with amazing taste and yeilds very well, flowers in 70 to 80 day's. Likes to be feed and is a light hog; can get strechy at times. Yours is looking as if it's doing well, keep it up and I hope you enjoy her in the near months.