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    Wow that's strange I've never actually had something like that happen lol
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    Yeah I definitely plan to do just what you said it's a strain I really like to hang on to
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    I picked up his Mendel's poisoned Haze And he gave me 5 of the 82 Durban as a bonus
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    Check out Brother Mendel's Selections on strainly. Some amazing genetics.
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    Think I’m pollinated

    Those are just swollen calyxes. They're not pollen sacs. There's a big difference. And calyx do have a little seed looking thing in the middle.
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    Why does cannabis turn your eyes red?

    I read an article and in the article is suggested that your eyes go red because when you smoke cannabis your veins open up and allow more blood flow. Or it is what burnin1 said. I can't remember which
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    is it true

    If the plant was left as you suggest it would seed some but they wouldn't be guaranteed feminized seeds they would be mixed male and female
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    Stringy Weed

    It wouldn't hurt you to smoke it. It's not going to do anything bad to you just wouldn't be as good as it would have been if it was finish the whole cycle
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    Alchohol for spider mites

    By the time you're done flowering all the leaves that you sprayed are all gone. It's not on any of your sugar leaves or anything. But I understand what you're saying.
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    Stringy Weed

    It looks like this stuff wasn't ready to be pulled yet. Looks like it probably needed a few more weeks.
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    Alchohol for spider mites

    I've use neem oil but only in veg usually two treatments to three treatments works great. I also usually wait about a month before I put into flower to ensure that the mites are gone.
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    cbd works better and quicker then prednisone for GOUT!

    I was on and off high doses of prednisone for two years and it messed me up. It's the only thing that had worked for my fibromyalgia so it was hard not to want to take it. Then my doctor finally prescribed medical marijuana the CBD didn't do anything but the THC drops that I take almost...
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    Ridiculous Fictional Band Names

    The Ginerkaflockens! Punk music
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    Need advice, questions that are opinion answers

    Well his post is also 14 years old too LOL