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    Chat room?

    Wheres your place? U got a bowl of weed waiting for mr there :D
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    Oh this is excellent!

    How much you selling your keif boxes for? I would very much like my own piece of art :D
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    A what ?

    Down here we call a joint a "number" Blunts or spliffs are sacriledge to the weed, and you get beaten if you pass one on! hehe A big No No Spots is the art of Knive heating Buckies ( bucket bongs) Shottie Machine (Fish pump) We have tinnies($20 2 joint foils) Fiddy bags($50 bags, u get...
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    Chat room?

    Hear hear i second that! :D
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    Hello all.

    Hi star, nice to see you made it :) :D
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    Just a quick equation P(Watts) = Volt x Amp therefore Amp = Watt/Volt 500/110 = 4.54545 amps 400/110 = 3.63636 amps Too much information? :rolleyes:
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    Hello to you all

    Heya lil squirt! lol :D
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    Problem with Curing

    " I found a bud that had been perfectly sealed in the perfect humidity for ten years and i never knew i had it." x 100 Must be an awfull amount of pot hidden inside his mobile home! :D I hang mine in a still, cool, enviroment for 4 or so days, then jar them, airing them out daily till im...
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    What do yall smoke

    I use hotknives, all the time. Use less pot, and get a quick fix.
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    Octagon: The way to grow!

    Ive seen something similar, except the room revolved around the light and the plants were horizontal. This a similar setup?
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    insect spray

    Thanks for the tip on the leaf repairing itself and wasted energy, never considered that :) ^^^^ So what he said.
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    Hello to you all

    Heya Refugee, glad you made it over. Hick is another familiar face you know.
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    Problem with Curing

    But not for 10 years like one peep we know. :)) Heya Refugee, welcome to the afghan cave in the mountains!
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    On storing seeds i use a film canister, and that seems to be fine so far.
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    insect spray

    no, leave them be. If they are no longer usefull they will naturally fall off.