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    Overdried tr33z

    Lots of good info here, but what I have done that worked very well for me when my bud gets a little too dry is I tape a Q-tip to the top of the mason jar and seal it. But just as everyone has said you need to open it up for few minutes every day so you don't get mold. Also make sure the Q-tip...
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    Help for my next grow

    I went with the Indigo, It's a beautiful plant that won't get too tall and will produce a good amount in small grow opps.
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    Help for my next grow

    Any Indica will work, check out That's where I got my seeds, they are a reliable site with tons of strains to choose from.
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    quick sexing question

    Not to disagree with anyone but that is a horrible idea. I read somewhere on this site that when you switch between 12/12, and what ever light schedule you use for veg, that it will mess with the integrity of the plant and when you go to clone it, it may not be the same exact genetic replica of...
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    white widow growing

    I don't know much about white widow seeds, but most bud grows the same and needs the same opptimal conditions in order to grow properly. The only differences will be rather it's an indica or a sativa, indicas are better for indoor when you have limited space. Other than that if you can create...
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    Pictures of my AK-47

    Any Indica will work great for multiple plants in a small area. The indica strains tend to be shorter staulkier plants allowing for more production in small areas. So any indica strain that you would want to try will work fine, I'm working with a strain called Indigo that has worked well for...
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    CO2 Systems?

    What's up everyone, I'm looking for some help constructing a CO2 system for my room. I was going to attach a solenoid valve to the regulator on my CO2 tank and then attach a flow meter to the solenoid valve, from that point I was going to attach some tubing with holes in the bottom of the...
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    Things looking okay? (2 plants week 2)

    That Repti-Glo 8.0 bulb probably isn't the best of bulbs to use, it seems to be producing a lot of red light or atleast more red than blue. This isn't good for your chances of producing females, more blue light produces more females, whereas more red light produces more males. I would suggest...
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    I've never heard of such a thing, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. What I do know is that Mutt put together this wonderful article that covers everything you need to know about increasing your chances of growing females, This link...
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    What other ferts?

    What up Jamez, It doesn't really matter what brand of ferts you use, I prefer organic everything. What really matters is that you get ferts with the right balance of N-P-K, you need different ratios during the different stages of growing. So to answer you Q, check out this link it has all the...
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    Im new need a lil help on ferts

    What up Blunt, This link has the answers to all your Q's about nutes and anything else, it was put together my Mutt and it's absolutely awsome info to know. Good luck, and I hope this helped.
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    My 1000wt MH?

    Thanks for the info EM, but those bulbs are really way too expensive compared the difference in yeild time and amount. But thank you anyways!
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    My 1000wt MH?

    Thanks for the help guys!
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    my mother plant

    I don't think it's that they can go male once they have already become female, but rather they can become Hermies, which is bad too.
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    My 1000wt MH?

    Can I just use the hood I have and buy an hps bulb to fit it, or do I need an entire new setup if I were to want to do that?