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    So Long Everybody

    Hick I have to completly agree with Hick..... this forum even two weeks ago was way better, there has been an overload of stupidity and morons gaining acess to our forum. I ve even had ppl who have just joined the site, and only have like 1 post pm me about "hooking them up" The stupidity...
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    the haze ones growing adventure

    yeah Skunk i feel that, the next grow will be some phatty plants none of this lowrider crap. Im doing sea of green. Not that the lowriders are bad plants but it was my first try growin so there were some heavy mistakes. Yeah Pranic i also agree with you, They dont got to be big to be potent
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    the haze ones growing adventure

    1 question if youre legal now why are you growing lowriders and hiding them in the closet lol. not that i dont believe you its just that i would be growing a tall strain and having them grow in a special bedroom or even my own bedroom even have some growing in the laundry room lol .
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    Need some tricks...

    All i can say to that is man its got to suck not to be able to Smoke in your house.... If its pissing off the neigbour simple solution man..... Quit smoking up in your backyard, got to a friends,use a car, go to somewhere secluded. Its disrespect to the neighbour if you keep doing it in the yard...
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    What Type of Lighting do you use??

    1. one 400 watt Hps 2. three gro and show flouros
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    Ganga seedbank???

    i dunno Mountain Rambler... if they sell only one feminized seed at a time that obviously means they dont keep stuff in original packages. and that right there is crap in my opinion. If it isnt in original packageing it could possibly not be the seed you ordered... but shit whut do i know. I...
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    if u dont have nething nice to say dont say nething at all

    I guess the main thing was when i was loookin at the seeds i want a harvest as soon as possible.... especially for the first grow. there is nothing better then gettin results fast. I think that not being able to clone these plants is a crock of crap. You can take a cuttin from any plant in the...
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    Long time smoker first time poster and grower.

    Goooood to see someone eager to grow and get advice. This forum is nice and we all are here for the fellow pot head, enjoy!
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    helicopters YIKES!

    YEah man i agree with Stoney, and even if they did have that shit on there helicopters, dont you think they would try to snipe all the big grows first? is it really worth the court time/ money to raid your house for like 1-10 plants ...not likely bro... jus chill grow your herbs and enjoy lol!
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    Hey man for personal experience a cool name just increases the price man. Any idoit can come up with a name for dope and pull it off. All of a sudden its called "pif" (lol *** kind of name is that?) and your paying 30-40 dollars more for an ounce. Dont take everyones word for shit especially if...
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    if u dont have nething nice to say dont say nething at all

    Hey Stoney ... with this strain lowrider which is an autoflower plant i couldnt do a single thing to stop it from flowering at 4inches its just whut the strain does. And yeah you told me to mix the nutes at 5ml for micro, 7.5ml for gro, and 2.5ml for bloom thats all per gallon..... that gives me...
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    if u dont have nething nice to say dont say nething at all

    Thanks alot for the words of encoragement Mutt. If they dont look too bad then thats alright, but in my opinion they look like they are hurting.... i ll keep an eye on em like i always do, hopefully in 3-4 days they will recover............ wish me luck ahaha and keep ur fingers crossed...
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    if u dont have nething nice to say dont say nething at all

    So here are my babies.... Stoney has already set me straight on all this stuff... he told me to re do my set up by adding vermiculite and perlite with my hydroton. A ration 2/3 vermiculite and perlite to 1/3 hydroton, so i did that and i added new 6 foot long wics instead of the lil ones from...
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    if u dont have nething nice to say dont say nething at all

    holly crap im so f-ing pissed right now. i cant contain myself i almost went into my closet and riped out my damn plants. those f-ing lil bastards are still turining yellow on there sun leaves at the bottom , the ones that are left any ways, a few have just shrivelled up. The bright bannana...
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    The Rolling Stones 1/2 Time Show

    well said Diablo, its totally true!